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Robert Banker and guest talk about topics that effect the middle aged American, like what the hell is going on? Topics include news, product reviews, sports and random thoughts. Current news and topics that focuses on unity and knowledge. Also motivation and fitness advice from a Personal Trainer with a Degree in Exercise Science. A breakdown of current events from both perspectives in order to gain an understanding in the middle and hear both sides of the story. Along with lifestyle and motivational information designed to help middle aged Americans understand the ever changing country. Exercise resources provided for people with osteogenesis imperfecta and giving my motivational story to them. Discussion on current events from both a republican and moderate view point. Technology reviews and advice on how to make content online and get noticed.

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episode 72: STAY HARD!... Michigan Will Walk Into College Football Playoff

MICHIGAN BEATS INDIANA.. Robdiddy stays hard and cuts off his cast


 2021-11-07  22m

episode 68: Detroit Sports Update 10-20-2021

Detroit Sports Update 10-20-2021 According to Microsoft Bing The Lions have a 10.5% chance of going 0-17 to become the worst ever. The Detroit Lions hold the distinction of being the first 0-16 team before the Cleveland Browns joined them. Hue Jackson coa


 2021-10-20  10m

episode 67: Osteogenesis Imperfecta Makes A Return, College Football and NFL Picks.. BRADY VS Belichick (EP#67)

Osteogenesis Imperfecta Makes A Return.. Robert Banker breaks his foot for Broken Bone 70. Discussing Gainz Media Designs Digital Productions in Novi Michigan. THEN ON TO DETROIT SPORTS KNOWLEDGES AND TRUTHS.. College Football and NFL Picks.. BRADY VS Bel


 2021-10-02  34m

episode 66: Whats The Point Of Just Hating On The Lions? (Episode 66)

As the lions lose to the Packers I Rant about people not being fans anymore and just haters.


 2021-09-21  10m

episode 65: THE REBIRTH... NFL Week 2 ... A Plane Crashes in South Lyon.. Mahomes or L Jackson? (EP#65)

THE NEW REVITALIZED ROBDIDDY PODCAST... "A fine citizen"- Danny Leach.. Matt Dery I ran out of time for you. The Fith Chapter reaches levels nobody has ever seen before...


 2021-09-20  18m

episode 63: Never Tell Robert Banker He Has A Weak Mindset.. The Time Has Come (ep#63)



 2021-09-05  17m

episode 62: Dennis Fithian Said Let Me Show You How It's Done Bro

CHAPter ONE: Thoughts on this years Buckeyes squad and ranking the top 5 B1G coaches CHAPter TWO: MSU is taking on Northwestern in Evanston on Friday CHAPter THREE: UofM hosts Western Michigan on Saturday CHAPter FOUR: Full slate of college football


 2021-09-03  57m

episode 61: Crying Joe Biden Fails America and Gainz Media State of The Union (EP #61)

Update on my Podcast Ideas.... Thoughts on adulthood and not being captain save a..... PLUS BIDEN CRYING AT THE PODIUM???


 2021-08-27  39m

episode 60: ARNOLD GETS CANCELED OVER VAX AND MASK.... Lebron James Overrated... F Ron Artest Forever (EP#60)

My facebook blew up over quoting Trump saying people should get vaccinated.


 2021-08-20  38m

episode 59: After 40 Days and 40 Nights It Didnt Rain PLUS LIONS PRESEASON (EP#59)

On today's episode, we're going to discuss WEATHER... INFRASTRUCTURE... MIKE LINDELL AND LIONS PRE SEASON


 2021-08-14  25m