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Actual Play – Zweihander – Green Valley

Deep in the Guatemalan rain forest, a group of conquistadors hunt a band of Mayan warriors.  As the group traverses through the hills and valleys and into the mountains, they soon discover it is they who are hunted.



Episode 49 – Shadowrun Pt 2 The Return

A little over three years ago, we recorded an episode where Noah explained the world of Shadowrun to us plebs. We meant to do a follow-up episode, but we forgot. Now that the stars have aligned, Noah has returned to RPX along with special guest Crazon/...



Actual Play – Star Trek Mercury – EP 10 The Mirror PT II

Season finale! The crew of the Mercury may have escaped captivity, but they are far from escaping the mirror universe.  With the help of a Klingon prisoner, Thasiv ch’Tharat and Dr. Maro stealthy make their way to the Mercury until they encounter an un...



Actual Play – Star Trek Mercury – Episode 9 – The Mirror Pt1

With repairs completed, the Mercury returns to space only to experience catastrophic warp drive failure. Upon returning to the Star Base 364 for repairs, it becomes immediately clear that engine failure was the least of the Mercury’s problems.


 2020-06-08  1h34m

Episode 48 – Thinking Too Hard About Anime

Our friends Noah Carden (RPX & Maple Syrup, Blood Money) and Aaron J. Shelton (Kame House Part & Technical Difficulties Gaming Podcast) just started a new podcast about anime titled “Thinking Too Hard About Anime”.


 2020-05-31  52m

Actual Play – Star Trek Mercury – EP 8 The Trial

After reviewing Chief Thashiv ch’Tharat’s actions while the Mercury was under Klingon control, Captain Shelley places him under arrest and refers him to Starfleet Command for court-martial.As the Mercury is docked and receiving repairs at Star Base 364...


 2020-05-22  2h7m

Actual Play – Star Trek Mercury – EP 7 Retaking Of The U.S.S. Mercury

When we last left off, the U.S.S. Mercury had been captured and its crew imprisoned by the Klingons.  As the commandeered Mercury is being piloted toward enemy space, it is up to the crew escape captivity and wrestle control away from the Klingons.


 2020-05-13  2h3m

Episode 47 – Moving Your D&D Game Online

While social gatherings are strongly discouraged due to Covid-19, many gaming groups have moved to online methods of game play.  In this episode Jason returns to RPX after a four-year hiatus to discuss how we have taken our Curse of Strahd D&D campaign...


 2020-04-28  52m

Actual Play – Star Trek Mercury – EP 6 Fallen Messenger

The Federation is at war with the Klingon Empire.  Having just narrowly escaped from the Klingon’s clutches, the Mercury, damaged from it’s last encounter, tries desperately to make it back to safety within Federation space.


 2020-04-23  1h17m

Actual Play – Star Trek Mercury – Episode 5 Stranded

While studying signs of rudimentary life developing on an asteroid, the crew of the U.S.S. Mercury are visited by a hostile force with news on the current state of politics in the galaxy.  Birk-  Lenara Maro – Trill medical officer Aaron Carsten – Ensi...


 2020-04-11  1h38m