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Episode 45 – Descent into Midnight Kickstarter

Game designer Richard Kreutz-Landry stops by to discuss his current project Descent into Midnight. Descent into Midnight is a game about community, family, and hope. It’s a tabletop roleplaying game that takes place in a technologically advanced aquati...



Actual Play – Red Markets – Elevation EP2 Operate Heavy Machinery

Out of worry for the community (and not poor negotiation), the Breadwinners decide to take a loss in order to help Elevation survive. Working with a crew of experts from the Trabajo enclave in Colorado, the Breadwinners must defend the mechanics as the...



Actual Play – Red Markets – Elevation – EP 1 The Long Walk

The first mistake the Breadwinners made was when they signed the non-disclosure agreement. If they ever talked about what happened on the multi-state walk, their rights would be forfeit. They never expected that information had already have leaked.



Episode 44 – An Homage

An impulse buy on DriveThruRPG has inspired us to discuss intellectual properties we would like to homage in a rpg game.  Topics discussed: Kolchak- The Night Stalker, The Black Company, Legion, Old Gods of Appalachia, Twin Peeks,



Actual Play – Star Trek : Mercury – Episode 4

As the Mercury comes under fire, an away team attempts to board the Shoshastakovivh and take the fight to the parasites. Meanwhile, aboard the Mercury Dr. Maro scrambles to develop a means to safely remove the parasites from the hosts.


 2020-01-24  1h32m

Actual Play – Star Trek: Mercury – Episode 3

While helping a distressed Federation ship, the strange behavior of the Mercury’s away team alert Dr. Maro and Chief Thashiv the system sinister is afoot.   Birk-  Lenara Maro – Trill medical officer Sean –Thashiv ch’Tharat – Andorian chief of security


 2020-01-09  1h44m

Episode 43 – Hachishakusama – Gamifying Creepy Pastas

Note: It is recommended that you listen to the AP for Hachishakusama before listening to this discussion. Spoilers: We spoil the scenario. Friend of the show Review Cultist of Al Dente Rigamortis drops by to discuss the creepy pasta inspired Fear Itsel...


 2020-01-02  1h1m

Actual Play- Fear Itself – Hachikaisama

Note:  This AP is part of a cross-podcast promotion between RPX and Al Dente Rigamortis.  If you are subscribed to both of us,  then you will be receiving this update twice. An Actual Play game based on a discussion on ADR about the Japanese internet u...


 2020-01-02  3h0m

Actual Play- Star Trek: Mercury – Episode 2

After completing their first mission together, Captain Shelly tasks the crew of the U.S.S. Mercury with participating with the Klingons in a mock invasion of the ship.   Provided with only a skeleton crew, the Mercury’s defenders must repel the invader...


 2019-12-12  2h11m

Actual Play – Delta Green – BLACKSAT

Five astronauts and two specialist head up into space on a classified military operation to repair a secret spy satellite code-named BLACKSAT.  What first appeared to be a chance of a lifetime quickly escalates into introduction to otherworldly horror....


 2019-12-03  1h59m