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Actual Play – Red Markets – Scrape – EP 5

(I’ve Got) Something Against You In the final confrontation between StopLoss and Full House, sometimes violence is the answer. Chris – The Market Jesse – Bird –  Bird loves that his adopted dad got him into Yale,



Actual Play – Red Markets – Scrape – EP 4

Wave of Mutilation. Upon getting a StopLoss server of suspected immunes in the Conda region, Full House has decided it’s time to figure out where Scrape is and raise a posse. Will Bird’s newly outed status as a spy prove to be useful,



Actual Play – Red Markets – Scrape – EP 3

In a change of pace, Full House decides to investigate a murder in the Conda instead of heading out of the enclave. Family and governmental ties are tested. Chris – The Market Jesse – Bird –  Bird loves that his adopted dad got him into Yale,



Actual Play – Red Markets – Scrape – EP 2

When the supply lines from a neighboring Mennonite farm are interrupted, it is up to Full House to reestablish communication and ensure that trade resumes between the two enclaves.  While investigating the farm,


 2021-10-29  4h13m

Actual Play – Delta Green – Driftbone – Ep 2

The stakes keep getting higher for agents Faust and Noory. As more boneless yet still living bodies keep getting discovered, Noory’s medical expertisewill be put to the test as he attempts to excise bizarre plant growths from his partner.


 2021-10-16  2h24m

Actual Play – Red Markets – Scrape – EP 1

I believe in Mr. Grieves. An unlikely… family… of Takers comes together to find out where an unaffiliated Taker has gone. There’s more to the story, though, and not just with the client. Chris – The Market Jesse Bird – Bird – loves that his adopted dad...


 2021-10-09  4h7m

Actual Play – Delta Green – Driftbone – Ep 1

A series of bone-less, yet living human bodies are discovered across various parks in Portland, Maine. As more bodies continue to turn up, Delta Greens assign two local assets to investigate. Crazon – GM Adam – Officer Ben Faust Chris – Paramedic Art N...


 2021-10-01  1h44m

Actual Play – Orichalcum Chef – Playtest

After defeating the evil forces of King Kroc, the inhabitants of Cusinica finally know peace.  In an effort keep its citizens from becoming too complacent, the Council of the Nations started a contest in search of a new age of champions.


 2021-09-24  1h49m

Actual Play – Lancer – The Adamic Symphony

In the distant future, three mech pilots find themselves entangled in political intrigue. The Adamic Symphony, a border system to the hegemonic Union, is embroiled in civil war over the prospect of becoming a Union client-state.


 2021-09-10  2h50m

Actual Play – Red Markets – Sigh of Belief

Having recently acquired the rights to a now defunct medical research facility, Stop Loss hires the taker group The Eclectics to explore the building and determine what researchers were working on prior to the Crash.


 2021-09-06  3h25m