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RR 437: Deploying Rails Onto Kubernetes with Khash Sajadi

Khash and Kasia works for Cloud 66, a company started in 2012 with a goal to make Rails deployment simple and infrastructure easy to understand for application developers. As the company has moved towards containerization, they have integrated with Kubernetes. Khash talks about what distinguishes Cloud 66 from other platform as a service companies and why the company was started...



RR 436: Determining Pricing with Michael Herold

Michael Herold is married to an economist and is a staff engineer at Flywheel where he writes Ruby programs to support PHP programs. He gave a talk at RailsConf 2018 about how to price a product. The frame for the problem is whenever you have a business idea, you eventually have to decide how to price it, and the pricing area is ripe for inefficiency on both customer and business ends...



MRS 101: Taylor Jones

My Ruby Story this week welcomes Taylor Jones, Support Engineer at Heroku. Charles asks Taylor how he ended up at Heroku. Taylor shares his journey after majoring in Computer Science at Auburn University.Taylor had a lot of downtime in his first job so he started learning Rails online. Then after he graduated he was able to get more chances working full time with Ruby. He then started speaking at conferences such as RailsConf...



RR 435: Alternatives to Adding React with Graham Conzett

Graham Conzett has been a developer for 12 years. He has worked with Ruby and Rails for half of that, and currently works for a company that does large format touchscreens. Graham gave a talk at RailsConf 2018 called “Old School JavaScript and Rails” where he talks about the experience of JavaScript fatigue. The world of JavaScript changes very quickly, and sometimes it feels like there’s a new framework every week...



MRS 100: The Origin and Impact of My Ruby Story

My Ruby Story celebrates its 100th episode. To commemorate the 100th episode host Charles Max Wood talks about how My Ruby Story podcast started and how it progressed.My Ruby Story started off as a spin-off of Ruby Rogues. Acting upon advice from a business coach he was working with at the time, Charles misunderstood her suggestion to double on Ruby Rogues and instead proceeded to create a podcast similar to Ruby Rogues...



RR 434: Surviving Webpack with Ross Kaffenberger

Ross Kaffenberger is a software engineer at Stitch Fix and has been developing web applications for the past 12 years, mostly in Ruby and JavaScript. Today he and the panel are discussing how to survive Webpack. When many folks first encounter Webpack, they feel confused, overwhelmed, and don’t know how to get it to do what you want it to. In the latest version they tried to introduce some more sane default settings, but it is still a major change in technology...


 2019-10-15  1h23m

MRS 099: Joe Leo

Joe Leo joins Charles Max Wood on this week's My Ruby Story. Joe is the Founder and CEO of the agile software consultancy, Def Method. He shares his journey as a developer. Joe was tutored by his uncle and learned how to code in Basic on a command line. He wanted to be in the music industry and liked math.Joe is currently working on holistic product development and is delving into areas such as what makes a good product manager and what makes a good product design...


 2019-10-08  55m

RR 433: ShipLane with John Epperson

John Epperson has been doing ruby for 12 years and is a friend of Andrew Mason. He got into Docker a couple years ago and felt like something was missing, so he wrote Shiplane. He liked Docker because it was a promise that he could delegate a lot of the manual devops work to something else, and that something else was able to automate all of it...


 2019-10-08  1h4m

MRS 098: David A. Black

David A. Black, Software Engineer IV at 2U, joins Charles Max Wood on this week's My Ruby Story. David A. Black has been a Ruby user for 19 years and has been writing books about Ruby for the last 14 years.David has been coding since he was 13 years old. He got a Ph.D. in Cinema Studies at New York University.Host: Charles Max WoodJoined by Special Guest: David A...


 2019-10-01  40m

RR 432: Stop Testing, Start Storytelling Mike Schutte

Mike Schutte is a fronted developer at TED conferences and was trained in code school at Turing in Colorado. He likes the idea of code as a communication tool, and in 2018 he gave a talk at RailsConf called Stop Testing. Start Storytelling. Today the panel is discussing what Mike means by storytelling in testing...


 2019-10-01  40m