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051 RR Getting Started with Open Source

The Rogues talk about getting started with Open Source.


 2012-04-26  1h6m

050 RR Hungry Academy with Jeff Casimir

The Rogues talk about the Hungry Academy with Jeff Casimir.


 2012-04-13  1h1m

049 RR Agile Communication with Angela Harms

The Rogues discuss Agile communication with Angela Harms.


 2012-04-06  1h0m

048 RR Crafting Rails Applications with José Valim

The Rogues discuss crafting Rails applications with Joseé Valim.


 2012-03-29  1h20m

047 RR Coding Disciplines with Dan Kubb

The panelists discuss coding disciplines with Dan Kubb.


 2012-03-27  1h8m

046 RR Objects in Rails Part 2

The Rogues discuss Objects in Rails, part 2.


 2012-03-20  1h2m

045 RR Bundler with Andre Arko

In this episode, the Rogues talk to André Arko about Bundler.


 2012-03-14  1h12m

044 RR Choosing the Right Career Path with Marty Haught

The Rogues talk to Marty Haught about choosing the right career path.


 2012-03-05  1h15m

043 RR Book Club: Land of Lisp with Conrad Barski

In this book club episode, the Rogues talk to Conrad Barski about his book, Land of Lisp.


 2012-02-24  1h16m

042 RR Producing Content with Peter Cooper

In this episode, the Rogues talk to Peter Cooper about producing content.


 2012-02-16  59m