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024 RR Best Practice Patterns Follow Up

The Rogues have a follow-up conversation about Kent Beck's Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns book.


 2011-10-13  58m

023 RR Book Club: Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns with Kent Beck

In this Book Club episode, the Rogues talk to Kent Beck about his book, Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns.


 2011-10-07  1h24m

022 RR When to Use Modules

The Rogues talk about when and when not to use modules.


 2011-09-28  1h4m

021 RR REST Done Right with Steve Klabnik

The Rogues talk REST done right with Steve Klabnik.


 2011-09-22  1h11m

020 RR Object Oriented Programming in Rails with Jim Weirich

The Rogues talk about Object Oriented Programming in Rails with Jim Weirich.


 2011-09-15  1h9m

019 RR Book Club: Exceptional Ruby with Avdi Grimm

The Rogues have their first Book Club episode and discuss Exceptional Ruby by and with Avdi Grimm.


 2011-09-10  1h0m

018 RR What Not to Test

The panelists discuss what not to test.


 2011-09-08  1h13m

017 RR What’s Wrong with Ruby?

The Rogues discuss things that are currently wrong with the Ruby programming language.


 2011-09-08  1h6m

016 RR Becoming a Better Developer

The Rogues talk about how people can become better developers.


 2011-08-25  1h16m

The 015 RR Science and Engineering of Computer Programming

This episode was recorded live at Lone Star Ruby Conference by Opus Video Productions.


 2011-08-17  1h10m