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012 RR Metaprogramming in Ruby

The Rogues talk about metaprogramming in Ruby.


 2011-07-24  1h9m

011 RR Corporate Sponsors of Open Source Software

The Rogues discuss corporate sponsors of Open Source Software.


 2011-07-15  1h8m

010 RR Personal Design Rules

The panelists discuss personal design rules.


 2011-07-08  59m

009 RR What Makes Beautiful Code

The Rogues talk to Josh Susser about what makes beautiful code.


 2011-07-05  1h6m

008 RR Where is Rails Headed?

The panelists ponder where Rails is headed.


 2011-06-24  57m

007 RR Debugging in Ruby

The Rogues discuss debugging in Ruby.


 2011-06-17  1h1m

006 RR Conferences and User Groups

This week the rogues discuss the importance of conferences and user groups to the Ruby community.


 2011-06-15  1h5m

005 RR RubyGems, Open Source, and Community

This week we really dug into the issues surrounding RubyGems and why people are worried about it. Gregory Brown (RMU) really helped us unravel some of the issues people are having. If you want to know what the issues are in this dog fight,


 2011-06-03  1h1m

004 RR Databases, SQL, & NoSQL

The Rogues discuss databases, SQL, & NoSQL.


 2011-05-27  56m

003 RR Templating Languages for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

The Rogues talk about templating languages for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


 2011-05-20  47m