The Sal and Bob Show

The Sal and Bob Show is a podcast hosted by comedians Sal Demilio and Bob Phillips. They love steakhouses, so they visit some of the best in the country, crack wise and generally act like idiots while enjoying a great meal. They talk comedy, gambling, sports, movies and other things that interest us. With regular bits like the One Hit Wonder and The Whine List, it's a lively half hour of nonsense. Follow the show on Twitter at @SalAndBobShow Follow Sal and Bob individually at @SallyD08 and @BobTheSuit If you’d like Sal and Bob to record from your steakhouse, hit them up!

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Getting Kicked Out Of Bars With Sal and Bob

Sal and Bob cover it all this week! They talk about the start of the football season, including the Lions losing in typical Lions fashion. They talk about some of the best and worst gigs they've had and pay a visit to Toria, their new favorite spot in...



Doubling Down With Comedian Derek Richards

Sal and Bob sit down to catch you up on various noteworthy events happening in the world. From summer ending to the Alex Murdaugh story. Most importantly, they chat with their friend and comedian Derek Richards (@comedndrichards). Derek is a...



Boxing Hall Of Fame Journalist Nigel Collins

Sal and Bob are delighted to talk to boxing hall of fame journalist Nigel Collins (@NigelBoxing) to the show. They interview Nigel about his career (including his new book), his run-in with Muhammad Ali, what it meant for him to be inducted into the...



The Fall Mindset

Sal and Bob sit down to catch up on the week's events. Summer is over and fall is right around the corner. The guys talk about a racehorse that gets loose, they give their thoughts on the death of Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts and discuss what...



A Cup Of Coffee

Sal and Bob are back with an all-new episode to catch you up on the happenings of their lives. They'll comment on the weekly news from the week, including the situation in Afghanistan. Some sports talk with an update on Miggy and the Detroit Tigers....


 2021-08-18  46m

Dixie Motor Speedway, Jeopardy, and Lions Kickers

Sal and Bob sit down to talk about their upcoming residency at Genitti's Hole-In-The-Wall theater in Northville, Michigan. They update you on the happenings of their lives, including Sal's recent trip to Dixie Motor Speedway in Birch Run, Michigan....


 2021-08-13  39m

Olympics, Simone Biles, Evander Kane, and Comedy Stories

Sal and Bob sit down over a steak and some wine to catch up on the last week. They cover the 2020 Olympics and give their take on the Simone Biles story. NHL player Evander Kane is in hot water over his gambling debts. Then Sal and Bob switch gears to...


 2021-08-04  58m

Meet the Fokkens

Sal and Bob are back with a brand new episode. They solve the vaccine troubles in the United States. They also select their picks for their own version of Woodstock. Basically, they pick their dream concert, if they could book any band in the world....


 2021-07-29  55m

Stand-Up Written By Bots, Jeff Bezos Goes To Space, and More

Sal and Bob sit down to catch you up on the week's events. From the billionaire space race to Sal's sports update, the guys talk about Netflix releasing a YouTube clip of an animated stand-up set that was written entirely by bots. Apparently,...


 2021-07-23  59m

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar - Birmingham, MI

Sal and Bob sit down at Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar in Birmingham, Michigan to catch up on the last week. They start off talking about their shows from over the weekend and Sal shares some advice that Nick Di Paolo gave him years ago....


 2021-07-14  38m