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'Your Daily Dose Of The Deej' from Dan Jourdan AKA "The Sales Energizer" is a podcast like no other! Each episode you receive real life examples, practical skills and training expertise that will help generate an incredible pipeline of profitable new clients. Dan gives you the fundamental steps in order to determine the difference between the $30,000 salesperson and the $300,000 sales person - it is just the implementation of a few tools, learnable skills, and some special secrets available to you in this podcast. Are you getting ready to give a sales presentation and close the deal? Do you need a few tips and scripts in order to be able to make that call that will change your life? Dial up The Deej! http://www.danjourdan.comThis podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable -

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episode 33: Your Own Economy

The only economy that you need to worry about - is YOUR economy! You can listen to predictions about the economy, but you will become what you think about. Take control of what's most important today! Go to The Sales Energizer (http://www.thesalesenergizer...


 2020-05-26  7m

episode 32: Hot Buttons!

Your product can change at any time, but you need to be consistent. Your reputation is what you have control over - so make sure you don't try and pretend you are something you're not! You never know when you have an opportunity to find your potential customer's HOT BUTTONS! Go to The Sales Energizer (http://www.thesalesenergizer...


 2020-05-22  8m

episode 31: Spam Is Your Friend!

You cannot "out-grump" somebody. When you get the call: SMILE! Act like the person that YOU would like to see in the mirror! You don't watch the news, you MAKE the news! Go get 'em today!! Go to The Sales Energizer (http://www.thesalesenergizer...


 2020-05-20  6m

episode 30: Sales "LIke Butter"

The longer that your prospect is kept away from people, the more they need you on a personal level. Dan shares a personal story from his long day of visiting customers and prospects that can give you an edge over your competition. You have to remember that by letting a person talk - you are letting them BUY! You are not doing business with a company, you are doing business with a person! Go to The Sales Energizer (http://www.thesalesenergizer...


 2020-05-18  13m

episode 29: Your Perfect Deal Is Out There!

You might as well be the President. Don't give up! A chance of a lifetime is out there - but you have to go out every day and EXPECT that you will get that deal! In the end - hard work ALWAYS pays off. You have to keep at it and stay patient - it will PAY OFF! Go to The Sales Energizer (http://www.thesalesenergizer...


 2020-05-12  13m

episode 28: Your Best Revenge!

An irate customer can drive you crazy, but you can get your revenge from them! Channel your inner Joe Frazier and enjoy your daily dose of The Deej! Go to The Sales Energizer (http://www.thesalesenergizer...


 2020-05-01  5m

episode 27: Is Qualifying Hurting Your Sales?

Honey? Sometimes you gotta get stung! It's time to get ruthless with your prospects on today's Daily Dose of The Deej! There are 3 things a Salesperson needs to make sure is happening when they are on a sales call. Make sure ALL THREE are in play, or you are wasting everyone's time! Go to The Sales Energizer (http://www.thesalesenergizer...


 2020-04-30  8m

episode 26: Don't Stop Feeding Your Baby!

You can't let your customers off the hook when they tell you they need to reduce their marketing spends! Find out how you can change their minds on this Daily Dose of The Deej! Go to The Sales Energizer (http://www.thesalesenergizer...


 2020-04-29  5m

episode 25: Attention! You Look Like a Fool On Zoom!

You'll get the #1 Sales Tool that you are not using today - and you didn't event know it! Get yourself cleaned up, because this Daily Dose of The Deej will help you get an edge on everyone else! Go to The Sales Energizer (http://www.thesalesenergizer...


 2020-04-28  6m

episode 24: How To Create Limitless Content!

You have an inexhaustible amount of content available to you! This DeejCast will help you reclaim that content you didn't even know you had. Go to The Sales Energizer ( for your "Sales Maker" Cold Call Toolkit for FREE! PLUS: Lifetime Access! It's time for you to dominate in the Sales game! APPEAR ON THE SALES ENERGIZER! If you'd like to be on the podcast and ask questions of the top business leaders in any industry - leave your question here (https://www...


 2020-04-27  15m