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'Your Daily Dose Of The Deej' from Dan Jourdan AKA "The Sales Energizer" is a podcast like no other! Each episode you receive real life examples, practical skills and training expertise that will help generate an incredible pipeline of profitable new clients. Dan gives you the fundamental steps in order to determine the difference between the $30,000 salesperson and the $300,000 sales person - it is just the implementation of a few tools, learnable skills, and some special secrets available to you in this podcast. Are you getting ready to give a sales presentation and close the deal? Do you need a few tips and scripts in order to be able to make that call that will change your life? Dial up The Deej! http://www.danjourdan.comThis podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable -

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episode 13: The Life-Changing Call

You can try and create your own reality by watching the news, but truly the only way to control your reality is to turn the screens off and MAKE the news! In this PART 2 of the Cold Calling DeejCast series, Dan provides you his tracking method for cold calling customers and shares his experiences that will enable you to be a leader: by attracting followers! Go to The Sales Energizer (http://www.thesalesenergizer...


 2020-04-09  27m

episode 12: Your Secret To Cold Calling Magic!

Are you buying your customers' problems - or are you selling them your solutions? Cold Calling doesn't just happen overnight - but with the right guidance and practice - you'll begin to recognize that the sale doesn't start until they say 'NO.' Cold Calling isn't actually for selling - it's for listening! ...and speaking of listening - listen to this DeejCast to uncover the secrets that took Dan Jourdan YEARS to uncover! Go to The Sales Energizer (http://www.thesalesenergizer...


 2020-04-06  22m

episode 11: The Real Secret To Sales...Likeability!

How are you supposed to sell yourself? It's not about what your selling, as much as it's about YOU! It's what makes life easier and better - to be likeable. We are social creatures, and as much as we are trying to be technical about sales - it's actually simple. You have to be a genuine, likeable person first. Dan talks about how on this DeejCast! Go to The Sales Energizer (http://www.thesalesenergizer...


 2020-04-02  14m

episode 10: Success Loves Speed!

On this episode of the DeejCast, Dan shares the secret to develop a system to get HUGE sales commissions! A win is a win is a win is a WIN! Every sale - no matter the amount, comes from the exact same process! When people are in turmoil and start losing their jobs, many forget that as salespeople - we are unemployed every day! When change happens - THAT is the time to GO! You as a creative salesperson makes things out of change. In most every case, the win comes just from showing up...


 2020-03-30  16m

episode 9: How You Can WIN In A Crisis

Right now it is time to get out of business danger and create more business! Your creative mind doesn't ask WHY something happened - you ask "HOW can I fix it." Are you going to continue cowering in the basement and getting small - or are you going to BE THE SOLUTION? You cannot work while you are worrying - and sometimes working is just about listening to your customers. Go get 'em today! Go to The Sales Energizer (http://www.thesalesenergizer...


 2020-03-23  16m

episode 8: Avoid Coronavirus Sales Mistakes! Livecast With Tom Nixon -

BONUS EPISODE! A special podcast that is the audio of a Livecast from Facebook, YouTube & Twitter. Dan is joined by Tom Nixon of Tom helps speakers develop clear, powerful presentations that inspire their audiences and motivates them to action. Tom began his successful businesses over 3 decades ago out of a desire to help others step outside their comfort zone and become the superstar presenters they were meant to be...


 2020-03-19  40m

episode 7: Sales Will Change Your Life!

You won't believe the life-changing experience Dan was a part of recently. Lean in and listen to how the simple transfer of energy can change the thoughts, minds and lives of everyone around you. Your customers, employees, friends and bosses are just people. If you are a real salesperson who is sincerely honest about finding solutions for them - you can be a valued member of society. Go to The Sales Energizer (http://www.thesalesenergizer...


 2020-03-16  15m

episode 6: How To Fly Into The Future!

Decide what you want and how much money you want to earn. You get to charge what you want to! Be 'reassuringly expensive' in your trade and get customers to invest in your business! You've got to have a trade and live up to the value you've created. Don't be afraid to fail! Everyone wishes they had the guts to do what you'll do! Go to The Sales Energizer (http://www.thesalesenergizer...


 2020-03-09  14m

episode 5: Dan Jourdan LIVE! With Crispin Cruz, Jason Smith & JD Missier

You can interact with The Deej LIVE every week! Follow Dan Jourdan on LinkedIn ( and we'd love to have you on the show! In this special DeejCast, you get to hear the audio from our inaugural Livecast with our featured guests Crispin Cruz, Jason Smith and JD Missier. The lively discussion centers around finding customers, sales war stories and of course tips you won't get anywhere else! Crispin Cruz - President at SalesArbiter...


 2020-03-05  49m

episode 4: The 4 Reasons Why People Buy

Cold calling is still the best way to sell... even if it's to YOURSELF! Sometimes you just need to GET THROUGH IT. Financial security doesn't come with having a job. It's about earning an income no matter where you are! Go to The Sales Energizer (http://www.thesalesenergizer...


 2020-03-02  9m