The Save or Die Podcast!

Remember those thrilling days of yesteryear, when D&D came in a single box? When rules were there to be guided by the Dungeon master, not in control of him? Where extrapolation was king and fun was the major goal of any adventure? Those days have returned! As with the very title of the podcast, one can imagine dangerous dungeons, Wiley Non-Player Characters, and monsters that might just be able to kill your character regardless of your level? Save or Die podcast intends to cover them all, from the first box set of 1974 to the last of the 1990s box sets. If its Dungeons & Dragons and came in a box, we’ll talk about it. Our fearless Dungeon Masters will regale listeners with tales of past events and future possibilities. Magic, Monsters, and Mayhems will abound as we delve into the ideas of light rules and heavy role-playing!

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Save or Die Podcast Adventure #15: Bugbear!

Join Vince, Glen and Julie as they bring you only the best in Classic D&D this week. First up on the table is co-operation amongst players in and out of the game and with the DM.. Then hunt down the dangerous Bugbear ending with a review of Adventures ...


 2010-12-06  n/a

The Save or Die Podcast: Interview with Mike Carr

Join the SoDCast Crew as they sit down and speak with TSR’s Mike Carr. Listen as Mike talks about how he got started in gaming, hired at TSR and answers some questions about his module B1. Dawn Patrol, GenCon,


 2010-12-04  1h26m

The Save or Die Podcast: Side Adventure #4

Vince, Mike, Liz, Glen and Chrispy are all here to read the emails and basically answer some questions. For all you MST3K fans, we’ve included two special themes on the show, one in the beginning, which any MST3K fan should be able to pick out,


 2010-12-01  n/a

Save or Die Podcast # 14: Big Bad… Medusa!

This week Vince & Glen are joined by Julie and Chrispy as they chat up different styles of the “Big Bad” in your campaign, then jump into a possible Big Bad and talk Medusa’s! The Adventure wraps up with the crew talking about their thoughts of the ’80...


 2010-11-27  1h17m

Save or Die Podcast # 13: The Lost City of…Men?!

The “Core Four” are back, and this week chat about how to use Subclasses, and then draw swords against the fearsome monster of…”Men”? Hmm.. Then round things up of Module B4: The Lost City! Check it out! Call us and leave a message 570-290-7283


 2010-11-22  1h2m

Save or Die Podcast # 12: Adventures at Sea!

The “Core Four” cannon ball into the deep ocean waters, talking about Sea Adventure Campaigns along with Sea Creatures! Wrapping the show up with review of The Inn of Lost Heroes by Small Niche Games.. Check it out! 570-290-7283 Buy here: http://www.


 2010-11-15  1h9m

Save or Die Podcast #11: The Gold Dragon

Welcome back, this week, Vince & Glen are joined by Julie Hoverson as they talk about ways to make your players spend that gold.. then draw swords against the mighty Gold Dragon! Then finish up the podcast by giving their favorite dragon magazine.


 2010-11-10  59m

The Save or Die Podcast: Side Adventure #3

Another side adventure for you guys. Keep writing in, and we will keep doing these. Saveordiepodcast(at)gmail(dot)com or you can leave us a voicemail 570-290-SAVE (7283)


 2010-11-06  31m

Save or Die Podcast # 10: Undead?!

Join the crew this week, Vince, Mike, Liz and Glen as they talk about Cleric turning, then chat it up about different undead, ending the show with a review of Tegel Manor! What to grab it, check out


 2010-10-31  1h12m

Save or Die Podcast # 9: All things were!

Join DM Vince this week with a special adventure #9… Vince gathers up some new voices for this show, as Mike and Liz have to go out of town last minute, but still wanted a show for all the listeners. Give a warm welcome to Guest DM Glen and Chrispy,


 2010-10-23  48m