The Scathing Atheist

A weekly look at religion and the stupidity that breeds it. Hosts Noah Lugeons, Heath Enwright, and Eli Bosnick delve into theistic attempts to intrude on the secular world in an unflinching expose on just how juvenile the whole god thing is.

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Scathing Atheist 40: Two if by Samuel Edition

In this week's episode we point out that Christians are really just beta testing the new Jew god, we find out that George W. Bush has still got it and Lucinda joins us to learn that Two Samuel is fun like a clumsy colonscopy from a polydactyl giant.


 2013-11-21  31m

Scathing Atheist 39: Brain Rape Edition

In this week's episode, Christians build a big plane so that they can put smaller planes in it so they can put bibles in them, we'll say "Put 30 seconds on the clock" and then do a 53 second bit and because of sheer volume, child molesting religious fi...


 2013-11-14  31m

Scathing Atheist 38: Dismembered Concubine Edition

In this week's episode we'll refresh our listeners with some cerebral rape jokes, the Jews will continue to have not murdered Jesus and we'll do an entire segment on Pennsylvania schools without a single Sandusky joke.


 2013-11-07  31m

Scathing Atheist 37: Halloween Edition

In this week's episode we remind you in advance that deaf people can't hear the jokes we make about them, we'll be one of only six programs released today with no stupid Halloween puns and we'll go elbow deep into the gayest book of the bible so far.


 2013-10-31  31m

Scathing Atheist 36: Phantom of the Oprah Edition

In this week's episode we'll learn that Texas would make a great electoral college drop out state, the Tea Party will sue a gaggle of gay rhesus monkeys and we'll take an in depth look at the last of three bullet points.


 2013-10-24  31m

Scathing Atheist 35: Doubting Thomas Edition

In this week's episode we'll praise Lesus, our Jord and Savior, a homeopath will commit suicide by cutting off his pinky toe and what's-his-name from Thomas and the Bible will join us to talk about some book or another.


 2013-10-17  31m

Scathing Atheist 34: House That Ruth Bilked Edition

In this week's episode we learn that people who really love America work to overthrow it, we explore a new, humane, cage-free form of rape joke and we finger bang for Jesus.


 2013-10-10  31m

Scathing Atheist 33: Sharia-lity Bites Edition

In this week's episode we learn that the portrayal of Muslim culture in 90s action movies was entirely accurate, Russia will finally get Coke, Betamax and de facto anti-Muslim laws and C-Webb will pop in to give us a little hip-hop cred.


 2013-10-03  31m

Scathing Atheist 32: Jewish Holidays Suck Edition

In this week's episode we'll learn that the Lone Star State was being graded on a scale of five stars, we'll find out that you can't say bomb on an airplane, fire in a theater or atheist on a bus and we'll make abortion jokes and anal sex jokes at the ...


 2013-09-26  31m

Scathing Atheist 31: Here Come the Judge Edition

In this week's episode Lucinda will join us in the Holy Babble to take the edge off the concubine gangrape jokes, Christians will drink poop and we'll learn that every time a pastor beats you off, a fairy gets its wings.


 2013-09-19  31m