The Scathing Atheist

A weekly look at religion and the stupidity that breeds it. Hosts Noah Lugeons, Heath Enwright, and Eli Bosnick delve into theistic attempts to intrude on the secular world in an unflinching expose on just how juvenile the whole god thing is.

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Scathing Atheist 21: Hungry, Hungry Muslims Edition

In this week's episode we'll discuss a new a$$-holistic cure for headaches, we'll discover exactly how many rape jokes our listeners are willing to tolerate and we'll hold some popcorn under a Muslim's nose just because we can.


 2013-07-11  31m

Scathing Atheist 20: Beyond Thunder DOMA Edition

In this week's episode, we learn why gay sex makes Jesus cry, Buddhists will weigh in on all that blasphemous YOLO crap and Noah will put the opening of the 2nd chapter of The God Delusion to song.


 2013-07-04  31m

Scathing Atheist 19: Schindler's Enlistment Edition

In this week's episode, we'll couch domestic abuse in a bunch of feel-good Jesus talk, a new poll shows that Americans are as dumb as people think we are and God will kill an enormous number of people.


 2013-06-27  31m

Scathing Atheist 18: Summer Solstice Edition

In this week's episode we learn that they did manage to make a good Superman movie... in 1980, the Pope will continue to suck at this infallibility thing and Dan from the Thank God I'm Atheist podcast will join us for a bit of "Faith no Mormon".


 2013-06-20  31m

Scathing Atheist 17: God's Brother Mikey Edition

In this week's episode, a high school valedictorian in South Carolina will boldly stand with the many against the few, American Atheists will give the devil a place in Florida to rest his cloven feet, we'll meet a pastor who's trying to get men to stop...


 2013-06-13  31m

Scathing Atheist 16: Levite to Beaver Edition

In this week's episode we'll add "contractual obligation" to the reasons not to get hooked on meth, Noah will try desperately to come up with yet another nickname for Pope Francis and Heath and Lucinda will join us in discovering that Leviticus is ever...


 2013-06-06  31m

Scathing Atheist 15: Supplemental Edition

In this week's episode Texas legislators pass a law making it legal to not break the law, Iowa takes bold steps to become stupider and less vaccinated and we'll make you laugh so hard a little bit of pee will come out.


 2013-05-30  31m

Scathing Atheist 14: The Lord's a Lying Loony Edition

In this week's episode, Texas lawmakers refuse to declassify the penis manual, we'll figure out what's making those Hasidic kids look so cool and Heath will join us to offend Christians, Jews, women, Muslims, blacks, people from Singapore and John Lenn...


 2013-05-23  31m

Scathing Atheist 13: Out of Egypt Edition

In this week's episode, we'll meet a liberal Koran scholar who's fighting for a woman's right to be beaten in public, Jesus backs a loser in Miami and Heath, Lucinda and Noah will discuss the only book of the bible that was named after a Bob Marley alb...


 2013-05-16  31m

Scathing Atheist 12: Jesus Did Masturbate Edition

In this week's episode, Christians will go ballistic over imaginary threats to their imaginary friend, we'll learn that in Turkey, you're autistic and Darrel Ray will join us to talk about pee-pees and cooters.


 2013-05-09  31m