The Scathing Atheist

A weekly look at religion and the stupidity that breeds it. Hosts Noah Lugeons, Heath Enwright, and Eli Bosnick delve into theistic attempts to intrude on the secular world in an unflinching expose on just how juvenile the whole god thing is.

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Scathing Atheist 12: Jesus Did Masturbate Edition

In this week's episode, Christians will go ballistic over imaginary threats to their imaginary friend, we'll learn that in Turkey, you're autistic and Darrel Ray will join us to talk about pee-pees and cooters.


 2013-05-09  31m

Scathing Atheist 11: Did Jesus Masturbate Edition

In this week's episode, author Darrel Ray joins us to talk dirty to us, the Latter Day Saints decide that the Boy Scouts are still just bigoted enough and Benny Hinn will be a heartless f*ck.


 2013-05-02  31m

Scathing Atheist 10: Let There Be Light Edition

In this week's episode, Heath, Lucinda and Noah will comb through 80 pages of bible without finding a single moral, we'll give false hopes that we've expanded to a 60 minute schedule and Heath spends 4 minutes making god happy he doesn't exist.


 2013-04-25  1h1m

Scathing Atheist #9: Tax the Churches Edition

In this week's episode, Pope Frankie appoints 8 mini-bosses you must defeat before entering his lair, Carl from Post Rapture Looting joins us to discuss losing his convention-virginity and Representative Joe Barton seeks to combat climate change by fir...


 2013-04-18  31m

Scathing Atheist #8: Holy Babble Edition

In this week's episode we'll meet a Louisiana lawmaker who wants to teach kids about religious freedoms by taking them away, we'll use the word "f*ck" way more times than there's any real need to and my wife and my best friend will join me for the most...


 2013-04-11  31m

Scathing Atheist #7: We're Weekly Now Edition

In this week's episode, a Riyadh woman has consensual sex despite overt bike riding, god blames his mysterious ways on the lack of a father figure in his life and co-host of An American Atheist podcast Tom Beasley joins us to circle around religion lik...


 2013-04-04  31m

Scathing Atheist #6: Zombie Jesus Edition

In this week's episode, Baptist Leaders pledge to civilly disobey gay marriage by not getting gay married, even a little bit; the baby Jesus will ride his submammalian, egg-laying lagamorph down from Heaven to give cavities to all the boys and girls; a...


 2013-03-28  31m

Scathing Atheist #5: Countdown to Austin Edition

In this fortnight's episode, Heaven-bound Christians inexplicably buy medical insurance, we'll find a Catholic priest willing to prick on someone his own size and we'll start the "too soon" clock ticking on Duane Gish jokes


 2013-03-14  31m

Scathing Atheist #4: Pope-ulation Zero Edition

In this fortnight's episode, a school board in Jackson, Ohio decides that there's nothing explicitly Christian about Christ, Eli Bosnick will join us to try to f*ck up the rhetorical meaning of the phrase "Is the Pope Catholic?" and Noah will try to fi...


 2013-02-28  31m

Scathing Atheist #3: Valentine's Day Edition

In this fortnight's episode, a former Nazi who used to run the inquisition is looking for work, we'll put all the legislators in the bible belt in a ring and see who can out stupid who, Lucinda Lugeons will join us for an atheist love story and apparen...


 2013-02-14  31m