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Taking tech into your own hands

Building your own artificial Pancreas


 2019-06-22  54m

Wild things

The first/last Danish wolf Making Tasmanian devils less Tasmanian How to control Australia's wild dogs A world without humans


 2019-06-15  58m

Nine stories about our nine pints of blood

Most people have a minimum of 9 pints of blood in their bodies. In her book Nine Pints, Rose George takes us on a journey with nine stories exploring the science of blood and our changing attitudes to blood in different cultures.  We produce 2,000,000 new


 2019-06-08  54m

Electric brains and ‘magic’ furniture

Headset provides soundtrack for the vision impaired Buzzing ball trains the brain with degraded proprioception Magnetic brain stimulation trials for Multiple sclerosis Adelaide hosts first Asian Physics Olympiad held in Australia New wheat varieties for t


 2019-06-01  53m

Bees on fire!

Tasmanian forest fires leave people feeling threatened Prairie voles a model for human love and attachment High drama in the lives of honey bees The key role of insects in crop pollination Response to damaged genes linked to Parkinson’s Disease Secrets of


 2019-05-25  53m

Open the door - or else!

Sulawesi hit by rare supershear earthquake in Sep 2018 Nuclear and renewables or nuclear or renewables? Challenges for Alzheimer’s research How Australia’s first regional university offers more Pouched rats sniff for land mines and medical samples


 2019-05-18  54m

Fancy a brain diet?

New evidence helps rewrite the human story Mass migration of human populations predicted ALP promises funding boost for science How gut bacteria affect our brain Who controls autonomous systems? The amazing, bedazzling bird-of-paradise


 2019-05-11  54m

Frogs! Frogs! Frogs!

Ode to the typewriter and vale poet Les Murray Phone recordings provide status update for frogs Spread of chytrid fungus linked to human transport Hashtag era gives activism a face Coalition promises for science Judge finds scientist’s dismissal unlawful


 2019-05-04  53m


Impacts of high-tide flooding on local economic activity Mysteries of the bizarre ancient fish, the coelacanth Life at extreme ocean depths Vale biologist Sydney Brenner Challenges for AI visual recognition Nine amazing stories about blood


 2019-04-27  53m

The psychology of going to Mars

New telescope to probe the formation and evolution of the universe Building teams for missions to Mars


 2019-04-20  54m