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The Science Show gives Australians unique insights into the latest scientific research and debate, from the physics of cricket to prime ministerial biorhythms.

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Is nuclear safe? Plus, a stroll through the science of secrets

Gerry Thomas questions our fear of nuclear power Could California save the Tarkine by leasing it? The University of Newcastle looks at new uni model, new energy options Electrolysis may help pull carbon dioxide from the atmosphere Look at our beautiful we


 2019-11-01  54m

The cancer-causing addictive drug, fourth in line after caffeine, alcohol and nicotine, gets no research

UNSW celebrates 70 years Prime Minister’s Prizes for Innovators and Innovation 2019 Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science Teaching in Primary and Secondary Schools 2019 STEM careers extend throughout industry Linking climate passion with education and caree


 2019-10-25  54m

Growing fish near old power stations

Latrobe Valley aquifer could power new industries New efficiencies coming for the mining industry Eucs a new source of graphene Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science 2019 Should we communicate with ET?


 2019-10-18  54m

Transformed coal brings promise of new smart industries

Nobel Prizes 2019 PhD candidate investigates proteins and DNA in resistant breast cancer cells Newcastle University helps city move from smokestacks to innovative industries Transforming coal to a high value resource, not one that is burnt for 10c per Wa


 2019-10-11  54m

Meet the first female editor of Nature, and who are the orphans of Apollo?

Nature celebrates 150 years New missions bring new excitement for the Moon The mystery and complexity of our sense of smell Lignin a possible basis for new bioplastics Polluting petrochemical solvent replaced by green biochemical alternative


 2019-10-04  53m

The Science Show is sent to Coventry

UK’s Warwick University – collaborative projects and filling skills gaps Alice Roberts – how to approach humanity’s huge challenges High-res scans reveal dodo’s violent death Autonomous vehicle for those sprawling campuses and shopping centres How car bat


 2019-09-27  54m

Where DID the Moon come from?

What can time-travelling seeds teach us about climate change? Five schools across four continents look to the stars together Under the stars: a new book introducing children to astrophysics Where DID the Moon come from? The Moon: A History for the Futu


 2019-09-20  54m

The Magic of Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms: Can their mycelia give us safer plastic replacements?


 2019-09-13  54m

The Future of Australia's Space Industry

The Future of Australia's Space Industry.


 2019-09-06  54m

Forty-Four Years Later!

The first Science Show had a warning about fossil fuels - 44 years ago


 2019-08-30  54m