The Secret Cabinet

In the 19th century museums used to lock away everything which they deemed "unsuitable" for the public in secret cabinets. This podcast focuses on the parts of history you would not find in your school textbooks - for good reason. (Explicit Content) Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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040 Michelangelo's Nose

Michelangelo’s naked David caused quite a stir in old Florence. A show by — visit the site for all projects and news. ☞ Check out our new show, Past Access! (YouTube Link) ☜ Twitter @Travis J Dow | @DerBuddler (creator) | @Podcas...


 2019-11-30  4m

041 Anti-Viagra in Ancient Rome

Ancient Romans worried about their overabundance of potency. Luckily there were things you could do against that. A show by , created by the Buddler — visit the site for all projects and news. ☞ Check out our new show, Past Access! (...


 2019-11-12  4m

040 Where do Children come from? The Mail Man!

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 2019-11-06  7m

039 Brandenburg Mummies -- A Halloween Special

An apparently quite lively Mummy causes a terrible state of affairs in Brandenburg. A Halloween Special! Twitter Podcastnik Twitter Der Buddler (creator) Titter Travis Dow (english host and translator) tw...


 2019-11-01  13m

038 Medieval Cat Content

Cats. Today our purring family members - but the Middle ages and early modern period, the devilish beings who were in league with the devil. The story of a difficult relationship, not always with a happy ending. A show by Twitter Travi...


 2019-10-23  11m

Travis Makes Candy (help!)

Travis is no longer a tech writer and is now learning how to make candy in Germany, so he can start a business in Oregon. And he has a boyfriend, Toby. Pete Collman is working overtime creating Past Access on YouTube. We could use your help! → GoFund...


 2019-10-20  17m

037 The End is not Nigh

The world is ending. Again. The cause is not clear yet, but it doesn't matter either — we've always managed to keep going in the past. Even though we stood at the brink a few times in the 2nd half of the 20th century of wiping ourselves out. ...


 2019-02-18  15m

Epsidode36: The Monster of London

A monster is on the prowl in the British imperial capital. A monster with a knife, who is on the lookout for young women. To be more exact: the monster is looking for their backsides. Support our show, and see what else is going on at


 2018-01-26  32m

Episode35: The Pharao's Staff

Again a limb goes missing. This time: an important bit of pharao Tutankhamun. Spoiler: it was never actually gone.


 2017-04-13  17m

Episode34: Bodily Abnormalities in Antiquity

What deviates from the norm does not always have it easy, especially regarding appearance. In antiquity that could be an advantage in certain cases, particularly in regards to certain body parts.


 2017-04-06  21m