The Sensibly Speaking Podcast

The Sensibly Speaking Podcast is a weekly show, posting a new episode each Saturday, covering current events and topics from a skeptical, humanist and critical thinking approach. Join Chris Shelton, the Critical Thinker at Large, as he goes over varied topics from critical thinking to science to talking in detail about hot topics in the news . Tired of just hearing the mainstream media's interpretation of events? Want some sensible talk? Then join me here each Saturday!



Sensibly Speaking Podcast #180: Much More About CST ft. Dylan Gill

This week, I am again joined by former Sea Org member and CST staffer Dylan Gill, who illuminates us on many aspects of the Hubbard advices and directives surrounding the mystique of CST. This leads us to many places of conversation including some of o...



Sensibly Speaking Podcast #179: Why Scientology Training is Worse Than You Think

What do Scientology training classes actually consist of and how are they run? What happens when you sign up to become a Scientology auditor? How are you treated? How are you supposed to learn? What is this “word clearing” all about?



Sensibly Speaking Podcast #178: Scientology Human Trafficking ft. Katrina Reyes

This week I am joined by Katrina Reyes, former Sea Org member and now declared “suppressive person” who discusses her history entering the Sea Org at only 11 years old and how Scientology’s Sea Organization not only engaged in human trafficking back in...



Sensibly Speaking Podcast #177: Scientology’s Church of Spiritual Technology ft. Dylan Gill

This week I am joined by former Sea Org member Dylan Gill to discuss his experiences at Flag and then the Church of Spiritual Technology as a high-level executive. We trade anecdotes and do our best to keep up with all the cryptic language involved in ...



Sensibly Speaking Podcast #176: Scientology is Psychological Waterboarding ft. Bree Mood

This week I have the longest interview I’ve done in one go with Binah (Bree) Mood, a woman who only just escaped from Scientology’s Sea Organization in October of 2018. We discuss her entire history with plenty of anecdotes and segues as various aspect...


 2019-01-19  3h9m

Sensibly Speaking Podcast #175: The Three Apostates Take the Cult Challenge

This week I’m joined by Jonathan Streeter (former Morman) and Lloyd Evans (fomer JW) who together with me are the Three Apostates! We each scored our respective groups on a “cult danger evaluation” and in this episode we compare and contrast our scores...


 2019-01-12  1h20m

Sensibly Speaking Podcast #174: Politics, Religion and Other Inoffensive Subjects with Seth Andrews

Seth Andrews joins me this week to discuss politics, religion, atheism and the big problems with the “purity testing” across social media platforms. A little Scientology is also thrown in to round out the inoffensive subject matter. Enjoy!


 2019-01-05  1h7m

Sensibly Speaking Podcast #173: 2018 in Scientology and Beyond

In this end of the year review, I talk about what we saw happen in the world of Scientology (and without) as well as some thoughts about what this channel is and where it’s going. Enjoy!


 2018-12-29  56m

Sensibly Speaking Podcast #172: Is Free Speech Dead?

This week I am taking on some of the controversies surrounding free speech. Instead of arguing over what words are and aren’t acceptable or offensive, I’m going right to the core of the argument and review what free expression is as a right,


 2018-12-22  1h4m

Sensibly Speaking Podcast #171: Scientology and the Nation of Islam – An Unholy Alliance

This week, and coincidentally with the timing of Leah’s show on the Nation of Islam, I am covering the improbable alliance between the Church of Scientology and the Nation of Islam. I discuss what I learned in looking into this,


 2018-12-15  1h11m