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The Sensibly Speaking Podcast is a weekly show, posting a new episode each Saturday, covering current events and topics from a skeptical, humanist and critical thinking approach. Join Chris Shelton, the Critical Thinker at Large, as he goes over varied topics from critical thinking to science to talking in detail about hot topics in the news . Tired of just hearing the mainstream media's interpretation of events? Want some sensible talk? Then join me here each Saturday!

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Sensibly Speaking #295: Avatar – Scientology’s Wicked Offspring

This week, I welcome Ariela Sarai, a 21-year-survivor of Avatar, to discuss her experiences being recruited into and working for this destructive cult which has so many similarities to L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology that Avatar has been called “Scientolo...



Sensibly Speaking #294: Rudin & Miscavige: Two Peas in a Pod

This week, I discuss the just-breaking story of Hollywood producer Scott Rudin, who according to reports has serious anger management issues and has allegedly abused assistants and co-workers for decades. The patterns of behavior and even specific acti...



Sensibly Speaking Podcast #293: Extremism, Atheism and Other Controversies with Seth Andrews

This week I welcome back Seth Andrews, host of The Thinking Atheist channel and podcast and an all-around great guy. In this wide-ranging discussion, we take up issues with religion but spend a lot more time describing our issues with the atheist side ...



Sensibly Speaking Podcast #292: The Power of Showing a Little Gratitude

This week I talk from a psychological perspective on the surprising power of gratitude and how this helps us maintain perspective. I share some very personal experiences of this in my own life as well. Enjoy! Harvard Medical School article Dr.



Sensibly Speaking Podcast #291: How to Understand Everything with Tom Beakbane

This week I welcome neuroscientist Tom Beakbane to the show to discuss his book “How to Understand Everything” and the subject of consilience, a word Tom has used as a foundational idea for a multi-faceted approach to looking at our relationships,


 2021-04-03  1h28m

Sensibly Speaking Podcast #290: Indoctrination and Radicalization in Cults

This week I am offering something a little different: an interview I did for Paganicon 2021 on the subject of cult indoctrination and radicalization and how this might also apply in groups and relationships. We had a great time,


 2021-03-27  1h41m

Sensibly Speaking Podcast #289: Scientology, Cult City Tours and Protests

This week, there was a bit of a kerfuffle in Clearwater over the Scientology and the Aftermath reunion and Cult City Tours which happened on Hubbard’s Birthday on March 13th. In this podcast, I go over the city council meeting that happened two days ag...


 2021-03-20  41m

Sensibly Speaking Podcast #288: Let’s Talk About Mental Health, Part 2

About two years ago, Melissa and I did a podcast about mental health, suicide and treatment, talking intimately about our own experiences as well as what we have learned. This week we tackle this subject again,


 2021-03-13  58m

Sensibly Speaking Podcast #287: Scientology and Double Binds

This week I am joined by my wonderful wife, Melissa, to discuss the psychological principle of double binds and how these are control mechanisms used to deceive, manipulate and control people in not just cults like Scientology but also in domestic part...


 2021-03-06  57m

Sensibly Speaking Podcast #286: Recovering from Scientology – Another Layer

This week I talk somewhat intimately about what has been happening in my own recovery from Scientology and how my recent education has really ramped up that process in both good and not-so-good ways, and what this has taught me firsthand about cult rec...


 2021-02-27  43m