The Sewers of Paris

Revealing stories about the books, movies, tv, music and more that have changed the lives of gay men. Each week, a guest plucks a piece of entertainment from their past, and answers the question: how did it change your life?

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episode 399: Jewels and Gold and Butts (Ep 399 - Pink Narcissus/Ian MacKinnon)

Pink Narcissus, Hedwig, and Jem and the Holograms


 2022-09-01  42m

episode 398: The Taste of an Old Queen (Ep 398 - Kyle Turner/Bringing up Baby)

Classic screwball comedies, Grey Gardens, and Down With Love


 2022-08-25  46m

episode 397: Like I Was the Star (Ep 397 - Kevin/Reality TV)

The early days of reality television, and New York nightlife of the early 2000s


 2022-08-18  37m

 2022-08-11  1h0m

episode 395: My Heel Connected with his Jaw (Ep 395 - Tomie dePaola/Trung Le Nguyen)

My guest this week — and apologies for the slightly late post, it’s been a busy week! — is Trung le Nguyen, author and illustrator of the award-winning book The Magic Fish, among many other graphic works. Trung’s family made their way to the US from a refugee camp, and he grew up obsessed with cozy picture books...


 2022-08-06  43m

 2022-07-28  40m

 2022-07-21  40m

episode 393: Becoming Real (Ep 393 - Wyatt/Velveteen Rabbit)

The Velveteen Rabbit


 2022-07-14  55m

episode 392: Demons & Ghosts (Ep 392 - Hamish Steele/Dead End: Paranormal Park)

Dr Who, Queer as Folk, Addams Family Values


 2022-06-30  50m

episode 391: Everything but His Underwear (Ep 391 - Swedish Drag/Markus)

Paris is Burning, Diana Ross, Leigh Bowery, and Swedish drag


 2022-06-16  44m