The Shade Of It All: A Rucast Podrace for RuPaul's Drag Race

Comedians Alex Koll, Katie Compa, Kyle-Steven Porter, and Sharron Paul have a kiki each week to spill some tea over the latest episode of RuPaul's Drag Race and all things SHADE.

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Episode 26: Pageant

Get out your sash and sequins readers! This week Katie, Max and Alex discuss the 2008 documentary “Pageant.” It’s an all out spectacle of unrequited love, attempted masculinity and strategically placed Mountain Dew. We find out what “dolls” k


 2014-09-22  52m

Episode 25: Valley of the Dolls

Oh the Dolls of it All! This week we watched the trash classic Valley of the Dolls. None of us had seen it before, and we’re still not sure if we’ve seen it now. Max, Katie and Alex make a valiant, if not chronologically challenged, attempt to piec


 2014-09-15  39m

Episode 24: I Am Divine

This week we return to our Summer Tuckin’ series with the 2013 documentary “I Am Devine” about the life and times of legendary queen Divine…duh. Alex, Janine and Katie also welcome our brand new co-host Max Wittert to the Shade Table! We honor t


 2014-09-08  1h1m

Episode 23: Season 1 Episode 9 - The Reunion

And now dear readers we come to the true close of RPDR’s first season. We employed the help of Anonymous and Assange to secure a copy of a long sought after relic, THE lost episode of the lost season: The Reunion! And we go out in style by bathing in


 2014-09-01  1h1m

Episode 22: Season 1 Episode 8

All hail BeBe The First! It's the crowning and Katie, Janine and Alex now know what pretty much everyone else does: BeBe won! Hear us revel in her win, not call Rebecca a bitch even though we totally could call her a bitch, pronuciate all crappity and s


 2014-08-26  55m

Episode 21: Season 1 Episode 7

Loca, we’re only one episode away from crowning the first ever RPDR Next Drag Superstar and you know what the means Loca: CLIP SHOW! Katie, Janine and Alex ru-view the season with RuPaul as our sherpa. Along the way Loca we tune our ham radios, attend


 2014-08-18  41m

Episode 20: Season 1 Episode 6

This week is TSOIA Podcast Episode 20, the most beautiful episode that knows it’s beautiful because it is. Katie, Janine and Alex cuchi-cuchi-cuchi through Season One Episode Six, say goodbye to Shannel and hello their very special guest: a cantaloupe.


 2014-08-11  43m

Episode 19: Season 1 Episode 5

IT’S THE FINAL MEOW MEOW! Ok, maybe not, but it is the first MAKEOVER CHALLENGE in RPDR herstory! The Glamazons overhaul the Amazons! Katie endorses online erotic slashfic! Janine drools over warrior princesses (princessi?) Alex iPhone syncs FOR HI


 2014-08-05  57m

Episode 18: Season 1 Episode 4

Viva the glam of RPDR Season 1 Episode 4 as Katie, Janine and Alex gather round the Shade Table to praise Jade, marvel at The Most Quiet Room In The World, clock being a “Spiritual Person” and fear Gumby. - (music:


 2014-07-28  47m

Episode 17: Season 1 Episode 3

RPDR Season 1 Episode 3 is in our crosshairs this week as Katie, Janine and Alex examine Swamp Egyptians, debate the best Mexican tuck-aria and crinkle Skinny Cow ice cream wrappers in an attempt to court a new sponsor. - (music:


 2014-07-21  50m