The Shade Of It All: A Rucast Podrace for RuPaul's Drag Race

Comedians Alex Koll, Katie Compa, Kyle-Steven Porter, and Sharron Paul have a kiki each week to spill some tea over the latest episode of RuPaul's Drag Race and all things SHADE.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h15m. Bisher sind 164 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast


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Episode 130: All-Stars 4, Episode 5

READERS, Hennything is possible as Katie, Kyle and Sharron gather around the Shade Table to talk funeral plans, glitterati, interrupting, roasting roasts, and leaving everybody alone for All-Stars 4, Episode 5. And then we found $20! (music:...


 2019-01-14  1h27m

Episode 129: All-Stars 4, Episode 4

READERS, Katie, Nana Sharron, General Kyle Sassie, and guest Jenn "Gam-Gam" Mundia gather at the Shade Table to talk severed hands, strategery, booty-boos, Marge's mangled Chanel suit, and five-star reviews. Check out Jenn's original songs, now...


 2019-01-07  1h27m

Episode 128: All-Stars 4, Episode 3

READERS, Katie, Kyle and Sharron gather at a (new-to-us) Shade Table to talk Candy Girl, Kwanzaa, VR Troopers, TSOIA Mad Libs, Gus and Keiynon, and how to tell tic-tacs from tomatoes for All-Stars 4, Episode 3. We're at peace with it! (music:...


 2018-12-31  1h31m

Episode 127: All-Stars 4, Episode 2

READERS, while Sharron is away, Katie and Kyle welcome Greg Kirkorian (friend of the podcast and winner of drag illustration contest Ms. Paint's Art Race), to discuss vocal performances, RompHims, Lucille Ball and Gia on the Great British Baking Show....


 2018-12-23  1h47m

Episode 126: All-Stars 4, Episode 1

READERS, we're at the Shade Table to tell! it! again!, talking upsetting makeup, roaming lace, pattern cage match, and bony people dancing, between recapping the first episode of #AllStars4. (music:  


 2018-12-18  1h16m

Episode 125: 2018 Holi-Slay Spectacular & All-Stars 4 Preview

Readers, we need to calm down! We're back at the Shade Table talking lipstick assassins, psychic eyeballs, and the #DragRace Parthenon. We’re never gonna host the Oscars! (music:


 2018-12-11  34m

Episode 134: Summer Reading - Claws

READERS, Katie, Sharron and Tiger are back at the Shade Table with guest Calvin Cato talking JT grief porn, resting in peach, Florida Noir, and BWAPS. Oh, and occasionally we touch upon our new fave show, Claws! (music:


 2018-09-17  1h9m

Episode 123: Summer Reading - POSE

READERS, Katie, Kyle and Sharron gather to talk the new Ryan Murphy show on FX, POSE! We chat about the 80's, The Beek, Professor Quiverfull, 8th Avenue, the Christopher Street pier, Paris Is Burning, Vogue-y Boys and Al B. Sure, the Marvin Gaye of...


 2018-07-25  1h40m

Episode 122: Season 10 FINALE!

READERS, Katie, Sharron, Kyle and the smoky quartz he brought for all the haters break down chicken nuggets, Sharron’s k-pop group, Grameron Michaels, feather mattresses and lepidopteraphobia. You are shooting your wad early, young lady!...


 2018-06-30  1h42m

Episode 121: Season 10, Episode 13 Reunited

HAPPY PRIDE READERS! Sharron and Kyle are Reunited as a throuple getting into throuble with returning friend of the podcast Mike Soto, and we're talking gesturing in directions, (not) looking your age or lying about it, Huge Tiny Fallacies, Bible...


 2018-06-24  1h57m