The Sheepdog Project

People face threats of violence every day, ranging from large-scale terrorism to one-on-one assaults. Most people are unprepared, unequipped, and untrained to respond effectively. This weakness in the flock allows the wolves to attack with great ease and success. There are a chosen few who have the courage to place themselves in harm's way between the wolves and the flock. They are known as Sheepdogs. Tim Kennedy, combat proven Special Forces Sniper, Airborne Ranger, and Mixed Martial Arts fighter. Tim has dedicated his life to protecting others, and teaching the skills of both armed and unarmed combat to the next generation of Sheepdogs. Doctor Mike Simpson, former Special Forces Operator, Airborne Ranger, and battle-proven warrior with over three decades of military experience. Mike has made it his mission to save lives both on and off the battlefield, and to spread the ethos of what it means to be a Sheepdog. From Law enforcement officers and first responders, to Combat Veterans and Martial Arts masters, the Sheepdog Project explores every aspect of what it means to be a modern Sheepdog.



      SDP Episode 30: Supplements

      Doc talks everything you need to know about supplements with Dr. Drew Winge


       2018-02-28  1h19m

      SDP Episode 29: Podcast about podcasts

      Tim and Doc talk about what other podcasts they listen to and why


       2018-02-19  34m

      SDP Episode 28: Does size matter?

      Tim and Doc talk size and strength vs technique in martial arts


       2018-02-05  46m

      SDP Episode 27: Doctor Julia Dye

      Doctor Julia Dye discusses military history and her new book "Through my Daughter's Eye's"


       2018-01-22  50m

      SDP Episode 26: Tactical EMS

      Doc talks about what is wrong in tactical EMS and how we fix it


       2018-01-08  42m

      SDP Episode 25: Hunting

      Tim and Doc discuss hunting


       2017-12-04  57m

      SDP Episode 24: Mike Kennedy

      Mike Kennedy is a retired police officer, and father of Tim Kennedy


       2017-11-20  1h6m

      SDP Episode 23: Trevor Prangley and Jeremy Horn

      Tim and Doc talk everything Sheepdog with two icons of MMA


       2017-10-30  1h5m

      SDP Episode 22: Active Shooter

      Tim and Doc talk with Police Officer Travis Joyner about how to respond to an active shooter.


       2017-10-16  59m

      SDP Episode 21: Vehicles

      Tim and Doc talk about how to choose a vehicle and how to drive like a Sheepdog


       2017-10-09  33m