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A podcast dedicated to all things Modern Miniature War games!

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episode 77: Skirmish Games with GI JOE and Building the perfect 2 Player Starter Set!

Join us for an enlightening episode as we talk all things related to historical wargaming. We talk about our latest hobby projects as well as the most recent news (Links Below). Then we talk about using SITREP Skirmish Rules to play battles with 3 3/4 GI...



episode 76: Solo Wargaming: What is your game of Choice? Game Creation, what drives us to make new games?

Join the crew as we catch up on our gaming and hobby time as well as what is in the news. We chat on about solo wargaming and how we each go about it. Lastly, we discover we have created a lot of rules and games for others to play. Join us for a great sh...



episode 75: Real Time Wargaming, Honoring ClassicWargames and Butterbar to Four Star Talk!

Welcome back operators! In today's show we talk about some brief news and give our thoughts on a recent post on the Spectre Miniatures Facebook page about gaming in real time with the current events. Also, we delve back in the the glory days of Hex and C...


 2021-08-21  1h54m

episode 74: Force on Force Series and SITREP Career Participation Campaign Coming Soon! A possible contest too!

Welcome back! We have an awesome show for you today! We announce Marty's promotion to New Anchor and we talk about miniature games vs board games which leads us to our new and exciting announcement: the SITREP Career Participation Campaign we will be cre...


 2021-08-07  1h45m

episode 73: Wargaming and Conflicts: Which ones are Okay?

So what was supposed to be a short topic of what where they thinking becomes the entire show. Is there certain conflicts that should be taboo? Example "The Troubles" by Compass Games that is soon to be released.    *** This one is touchy and we only disc...


 2021-07-24  1h45m

episode 72: Warfare in the Falkland Islands and in Space?

Join us as we catch up on the news and what we are doing in hobby. Also, we talk ACW, Falklands War and SPACE FORCE!


 2021-07-12  1h41m

episode 71: War of Independence, Battle of Gettysburg, Siege of Vicksburg and other Big Battles this week in Wargaming.

The new and smaller team (now all American) are back and talk about our projects, new minis and games. We catch up on our history with big battles that happened this week. Much more Empress Miniatures Vietnam as well as many more! 


 2021-06-28  1h27m

episode 70: D-Day Special

Talking about remembering the impact of D-Day not only on WWII but on history. How could you game the battles today? Was there events that should not have happened? We also talk about people we lost and remember as well as military figures we would love ...


 2021-06-07  1h46m

episode 69: What Was Your Greatest Influence to Get Into Wargaming? What Are Your Post COVID Plans?

With parts of the world beginning to come out the other side of Covid and vaccinations continuing has your attitude changed towards gaming post Covid and if so how?  Who or what was your greatest influence to get into wargaming? How do you pass that exci...


 2021-05-17  1h10m

episode 69: test to delete


 2021-05-01  0m