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Trump insults "Crazy Nancy" Pelosi, saying "she's a mess"; Trump melts down to reporters, calls himself "stable genius" after Pelosi gets under his skin

Trump lashes out wildly after Pelosi again gets under his skin; Trump unravels during White House event, asks staff to vouch for how calm he was during meeting with Pelosi; Wikileaks founder Assange hit with new charges; faces 17 counts under the Espionage Act; Trump loses cool during event with farmers, calls Pelosi "crazy" and "a mess" after she says he needs an intervention; CNN: Tillerson told lawmakers Putin more prepared than Trump in Germany, Trump calls Tillerson "dumb as a rock";...


 2019-05-24  35m

Federal Judge upholds House subpoenas of Trump's financial records from Deutsche Bank, Capitol One; Trump storms out of meeting with Dems, goes on tirade after Pelosi accuses him of a "cover-up"; Michael Avenatti charged with stealing $300,000 from former

Trump: Can't work with Democrats until they "get these phony investigations over with"; Pelosi doubles down on "cover-up" and accuses Trump of obstruction, calling that "impeachable"; Kim Jong Un's regime lashes out at Joe Biden; Calls Dems' front-runner "imbecile" with "low IQ"


 2019-05-23  41m

House Judiciary subpoenas Ex-White House officials Hope Hicks and Annie Donaldson, Trump tweets about McGahn defying subpoena

House Democrats to meet as impeachment calls grow after Ex-White House Counsel defies subpoena, Sources: Mueller's team wary of Special Counsel testifying publicly, CNN: Mueller's team hesitant for him to testify publicly, out of concern it would seem political, Iranian Foreign Minister: No talks with Trump unless U.S. shows "Respect" by honoring disputed nuclear deal, Iranian Foreign Minister: U.S...


 2019-05-22  35m

 2019-05-21  43m

Treasury secretary defies subpoena for Trump tax returns; Trump falsely claims he wasn't warned about Flynn as new evidence of possible obstruction emerges; Barr on Russia probe: some explanations don't "hang together"

Trump claims he wasn't warned about Flynn, but he was told by Obama and Christie not to hire him; Trump says his campaign was spied on, calls it treason; Trump insists reports of discord over Iran on his national security team are "bulls**t"; Trump uses Twitter to test policy, take pulse of his base; Barr on Russia Investigation: I have more questions today than when I first started


 2019-05-18  36m

Officials: U.S. has images showing Iranian freighters with decks removed to carry hidden missiles; Trump on whether U.S. is going to war with Iran: "I hope not"; Attorney General Barr says it's up to Mueller if he wants to testify;

Trump unveils "merit-based" immigration plan that would favor young, educated immigrants; White House silent on Alabama law banning most abortions; Sources: growing concern about Iran's use of drones; Attorney General Barr says it's up to Mueller if he wants to testify as Democrats' Nadler says he hasn't managed to set date; CNN: Trump irritated at impression aides are pushing war; Top congressional leaders get classified briefing on Iran; Judiciary chairman: no date yet for Mueller testimony;...


 2019-05-17  35m

Nadler: White House is acting like Trump is a "king" as it rejects demand for info in obstruction probe; Nadler warns of "very large" fines for those defying subpoenas; Furor over Alabama bill to ban most abortions

Trump administration reveals details of new immigration plan; Sources: GOP Senators already "underwhelmed"; Barr jokingly asks Pelosi if she has handcuffs at event; White House: Dems want a "do-over" on the Mueller Report; U.S. orders non-emergency government staff to leave Iraq amid rising tensions with Iran; Reports: Key Trump properties decline as brand loses luster


 2019-05-16  35m

Putin praises work of Special Counsel Mueller, New York Times: Trump Jr. makes deal to testify before Senate Intelligence Committee

House Intelligence Committee wants info from Trump lawyers about Michael Cohen's claim that they helped edit his false testimony to Congress, Attorney General Barr heeds Trump call to "Investigate the investigators" as Russia's Putin offers praise for Special Counsel Mueller, Federal Judge hears arguments over House subpoena of Trump financial records, but casts doubt on courts' role, Judge hears arguments over subpoena of Trump finances, North Korea demands return of cargo ship seized by U.S...


 2019-05-15  45m

Markets plunge as China retaliates for U.S. tariff hikes; Donald Trump Jr. balks at answering Intel Committee questions; "Desperate Housewives" actress breaks down in tears following guilty plea in college admissions scandal

Trump threatens new retaliation against China as trade war escalation sends markets plunging; Trump says he's satisfied with China trade war despite sharp blow to U.S. markets, consumers and farmers; Trump defends refusal to cooperate with Congressional probes; Donald Trump Jr...


 2019-05-14  35m

Powerful House Democrat subpoenas Trump tax returns; Ways & Means Chair demands six years of financial records; Judge fast-tracks fight over subpoena for Trump records; WSJ: Retired Supreme Court Justice criticizes Trump for "exercising powers that do not

House Judiciary Chair offers new negotiations with Barr as Democrats consider package of contempt citations; Latest round of China trade talks ends with no deal after Trump sharply raises tariffs on Chinese goods; Trump lawyer Giuliani to go to Ukraine to dig for dirt in a bid to hurt Biden and help Trump win re-election; Judge fast-tracks fight over subpoena for Trump records; China trade talks end without a deal; New tariffs likely to raise prices on popular consumer goods; Last round of...


 2019-05-11  35m