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 2018-06-20  46m

White House facing bipartisan outrage over separating families; Awaiting White House briefing amid outrage over border policy; White House briefing delayed four hours amid outrage over border policy

DHS Secretary answers questions about controversial policy of separating families at border; White House briefing amid outrage over separating families; DHS Secretary defends controversial policy of separating families at border.


 2018-06-19  49m

Manafort jailed; Trump aims attacks in all directions, Cohen signals openness to cooperate with Feds

Ex-Trump campaign Chairman jailed for alleged witness tampering, Giuliani: Mueller probe may get "Cleaned up" with pardons, Trump attacks in all directions but praises Kim Jong Un, Cohen signals openness to cooperate with Feds, Cohen angry over treatment by Trump and Giuliani, Prosecutors reconstruct shredded documents from raid on Cohen, Trump downplays ties as ex-campaign Chairman jailed, Trump: I want "My people" to "Sit up at attention" like North Koreans in videos of Kim Jong Un


 2018-06-16  35m

Department of Justice Watchdog finds Comey violated FBI norms on Clinton probe, but not politically motivated; Department of Justice Watchdog: Comey's reason for announcing reopening of Clinton probe was "unpersuasive"; Standing by for FBI news conference

Department of Justice Watchdog: No evidence bias impacted Clinton probe, but conduct by some "cast a cloud" over FBI; Department of Justice Watchdog: Texts by FBI officials Strzok and Page create appearance of bias in investigative decisions; White House: Watchdog report "reaffirms" Trump's "suspicions" about former FBI director Comey; North Korea shows video of Trump saluting regime General; White House defends Trump salute to North Korean General; FBI news conference reacting to Department of...


 2018-06-15  52m

CNN: Trump lawyer Michael Cohen splitting with his own legal team; North Korean State Media: Trump pledges to lift sanctions; Trump-backed candidates do well in latest GOP primaries

Trump declares North Korea "no longer a nuclear threat"; GOP's Corker: Republicans in "cult-like situation" with Trump; Trump calls news media "our country's biggest enemy"; Trump cheers defeat of GOP Congressman who criticized him; North Korean news reports say Trump agreed to lift sanctions


 2018-06-14  37m

Trump heads home after trading "war games" for Kim vow on nukes; Judge rules in favor of AT&T/Time Warner merger; Trump and Kim agree on denuclearization, offer no details

South Korea stunned by Trump pledge to halt military drills; Trump: Kim Jong Un "trusts me, and I trust him"; Kim Jong Un leaves Summit with big boost in prestige; Trump gives up military drills for vague Kim promise on nukes; Trump: discussed human rights with Kim "relatively briefly"; Trump shows Kim video imagining North Korea's future; Trump: U.S. to stop "provocative" war games with South Korea; Kim meets Trump, predicts world will see "major change"


 2018-06-13  37m

Trump and Kim Jong Un to begin summit one-on-one; Trump hours from meeting long-time U.S. enemy after angering allies; Trump and Kim will meet with only translators in room

Pompeo: Complete denuclearization is only acceptable outcome; Trump clashes with U.S. allies as Kim summit looms; U.S. official: Trump leaves early because Kim is doing same; Trump and Kim Jong Un summit just hours away; Trump and key advisers slam America's close allies; Trump: we'll know soon whether there will be a "real deal"; North Koreans finally told of summit; U.S. hits back for Russian cyberattacks; New U.S...


 2018-06-12  36m

Mueller files new indictment against Manafort; names ally with Russian intelligence ties; Trump doesn't rule out pardoning Manafort, Cohen; Top Senate staffer charged with lying to FBI during leak probe

Trump at G7 Summit as he feuds with allies, boosts Russia; McCain slams trump for seeking Russia's re-entry to G8; Manafort and Russian ally hit with obstruction and conspiracy charges tied to alleged witness tampering; Trump on G7: "They should let Russia come back in"; Trump on G7: "They should let Russia come back in"; McCain slams Trump for seeking Russia's re-entry to G8; Trump to NFL players: suggest pardons instead of kneeling during anthem; McCain slams Trump for s showing "deference"...


 2018-06-09  41m

Trump: could invite Kim Jong Un to U.S. "if things go well", More GOP leaders break with Trump on "spy" claim, French and Canadian leaders slam Trump on eve of summit

Trump on summit: "I don't think I have to prepare very much", Trump headed for showdown over trade with G7 leaders, Trump: no need to "prepare very much" for Kim summit, Pompeo: North Korea has committed to denuclearization, Trump: ready for summit but "prepared to walk away", Trump: we could sign an agreement to formally end Korean war, French president slams Trump in new tweet, moderate lawmakers trying to force a vote on immigration reform, More GOP leaders break with Trump on "spy" claim,...


 2018-06-08  36m

Stormy Daniels sues ex-attorney and Trump lawyer Michael Cohen; says they "colluded" to "manipulate" her to benefit Trump; Key republicans refute Trumps claim of FBI campaign spy; Giuliani: Mueller team "trying very, very hard to frame" Trump

Daniels' lawyer: Text messages show prior denials by Trump and Cohen about Stormy Daniels where "absolute lies"; Trump commutes life sentence of first-time drug offender after White House visit by Kim Kardashian; Trump defends tariffs in testy call with Canadian PM; asked, "didn't you guys burn down the White House?" Speaker Ryan: Trump "shouldn't" try to pardon himself; Attempted murder suspect shows up to work at White House; Muslim leaders to skip Trump White House dinner tonight; Dennis...


 2018-06-07  36m