The Skinny 2 Strong Podcast

Hi and welcome to The Skinny 2 Strong Podcast. In this podcast, we will be sharing our very own journeys with you about how we have completely changed our lives and put on weight in a healthy and sustainable way. We have both overcome some huge hurdles from being very unhealthy, being underweight and also, mental illness. Through our journeys, we have both learnt some neat trick and tips that we will be sharing with you. We are both qualified personal trainers and body transformation specialist and have worked with a wide range of clients that have given us a lot of experience. So, get ready for some fun times, a lot of learning and real truths about why people continually fail at putting on weight.

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episode 43: The Skinny 2 Strong Podcast will be back in 2021 with a new look

It's time for The Skinny 2 Strong Podcast to call it a wrap for 2020. BUT this is not the end of our podcast, this is just the beginning of an exciting new chapter. Kane and I will be returning in an all new format, diving deeper into specific...


 2020-11-08  6m

episode 42: How to stick to your goals while travelling

"Everything was the same, just the location had changed" Working on the road can be hard. You're not in your normal house. You're not in your normal kitchen. Sometimes you don't have access to normal cooking facilities. But, that doesn't mean you...


 2020-11-01  30m

episode 41: From our experience... weight gain is not your real goal

"???????? ???????????????????????? ???????? ???????????????? ???????? ???????? ???????????????? ????????????????????????"   Your number one goal is to gain weight, right? What if we told you that's not accurate...   Kane and Lisa...


 2020-10-25  32m

episode 40: Why the right support network is critical for success

“Your support network can make or break your goals” If you’ve ever tried a transformation on your own, I’m sure you’d tell me it was damn tough, right? Impossible even. Who do you lean on when times get tough? Who do you reach out to share...


 2020-10-18  34m

episode 39: Don't find time, make it

"The key is in not spending time, but in investing it" Have you found yourself using this excuse, I don't have time? Is it because you truly don't have time or that you are not truly committed to changing? Next time you find yourself using this...


 2020-10-11  29m

episode 38: Choose your hurt!

“What hurt you chose is up to you... chose the right one!” Have you ever come to a point in your life where you’re unhappy with your current situation and you know it needs to change? There are things you could do to become happier…but it’s...


 2020-10-04  41m

episode 37: Increase your appetite the easy way!

“???? ???????????????? ???? ???????????????? ???????? ???????????? ???????????????? ???????????? ???????????? ???????????? ???? ???????????????? ???????? ?????????????????????????????????”⁠ Have you wondered how to increase your appetite in...


 2020-09-27  34m

episode 36: Is a fear of change holding you back?

“???????? ???????????? ???????????????? ???????????????????????????????????? ????????????’???????? ???????????????????? ????????????, ????????????’???????? ???????????????? ???????? ???????? ????????????????????????????????????...


 2020-09-20  39m

episode 35: Why we wouldn't recommend a meal plan!

"Knowledge is power" There is a meal plan for everything these days. But are meal plans really going to help you achieve the health and body you have always wanted AND keep it? In today's episode, we take you through why we wouldn't recommend a meal...


 2020-09-13  34m

episode 34: Key traits you need to be successful

"Successful people posses these 3 key traits" Whether you are on a weight gain journey or in pursuit of a specific goal, there are some factors that will determine if you are successful or not. In this episode, we take you through our own experiences...


 2020-09-06  34m