A couple wins millions so everyone wants their money! Who wins?! After a couple wins millions, they retire from the renaissance fair and buy a beachfront complex in San Diego, where relatives scheme for their riches. This award-winning sitcom series also streams free on all devices on TUBI TV and PLEX TV. Diverse ensemble cast, ages 9 to 79. IMDb 8.0, parental guidance TV-14. Zany - Whimsical - Sitcom

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Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 5 hours 26 minutes


episode 8: 08 THE SMARTLYS Schwitzgum

Eric has nightmare. Fire Marshall visits. Fetch returns. Preston sells Timeshare; Eric erases him. Adare washes dishes. Nanny sees Abigail. Comfor Fuddle Schwitzgum poem.


 2022-10-19  21m

episode 7: 07 THE SMARTLYS Goldfish on a Pancake

Shelley paints goldfish on a pancake. Fetch does yoga. Adare meets Anti-Wedding Planner. Preston invents Hair Removal Clinic. Royal Joust. Adare vacuums.


 2022-10-12  21m

episode 6: 06 THE SMARTLYS Pony Tales

Discuss pony tails. Fetch runs away. Girls form spy club. Adare washes clothes. Preston invents car. Winky plans duel, installs stained glass, and catches Thumper’s eye.


 2022-10-05  20m

episode 5: 05 THE SMARTLYS Mars

Eric and Preston have séance and trade places. Fetch confronted. Winky escapes hospital. Adare does laundry. Philesha has stomach frog. Eric solves Case of the Missing M.


 2022-09-28  21m

episode 4: 04 THE SMARTLYS Fantaversary

Eric wants to be Right. Fetch tries to stop murder. Shelley bribes Adare. Lettie sees aliens. Preston pushes Solar Power; trades places. Philesha sees Preston’s fate. Nanny measures Winky for codpiece.


 2022-09-21  20m

episode 3: 03 THE SMARTLYS Dead Right

Eric’s wants to be dead right. Preston creates Breast Outplants, visits nude beach. Fetch confronts Lettie. Carrie makes Rooftop Observatory. Adare breaks up. Shelley likes Car Pool Boy.


 2022-09-14  21m

episode 2: 02 THE SMARTLYS Car Pool

Shelley wants a car pool. The Nanny is an illegal alien therapist who surreptitiously cares for Fetch while taking care of his daughters. Adare reviews his first date w/star of Psychic Princess movies. A leaky faucet floods SmartlyVille.


 2022-09-07  21m

episode 1: 01 THE SMARTLYS Retirement Party

The Smartlys win millions, retire from renaissance fair and buy San Diego complex, where relatives scheme for their riches.


 2022-08-28  20m