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Matt Farah and Zack Klapman sit down with automotive icons, pro drivers, comedians and other friends to discuss automotive industry news, racing, projects and whatever else comes to mind. Watch our car reviews at Follow us! T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman Rent or buy our movies!, where we find out if some bad CraigsList cars can cross an entire US State, off-road!

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episode 662: Donald Osborne (Classic car historian, curator, TV host )

When it comes to car knowledge, "expert" is an understatement. Donald W. Osborne is a classic car historian, author, consultant and writer. He has appeared on television in his regular segments “Assess & Caress with Donald Osborne” and “Behind the Bowtie” on the internationally-distributed CNBC primetime show “Jay Leno’s Garage. He's also a founding member and CEO of the Audrain Automotive Museum and the Audrain Newport Concours and Motor Week. @osbornedonald @audrainconcours https://www...



episode 661: Crew Show! (World's Fastest DeLorean, Defender 90 review, Tesla FSD Beta nightmares)

Matt and Zack talk about driving the world's fastest DeLorean, give an  in-depth review of the Defender 90 (and how it compares to the Bronco  Outer Banks), discuss the new and worrying Tesla Full Self-Driving  videos, show off some art, and answer questions about overrated cars,  smart buys, salvage title pros/cons, books, and a lot more.    Go to and use code smokingtire14 for up to 14 free meals, including free shipping. Check out AutoTempest...



episode 660: Crew Show (Caffeine & Carbs show, fun with decaf, MASSIVE Q&A session)

Matt is back from the east coast where he drove the Jaguar and attended the Caffeine & Carburetors car show, which did not disappoint in the slightest. We talk about the incredible turnout, the cars, Glickenhaus' sales, Tesla heading to Germany, what the best "luxury rally car" is, replacing an S63AMG, GTO mods, Audi R8s, how a 911 stacks up against a Taycan, and much, much more. Head to to get started right now. You get all the cars, one search...



episode 659: John Temerian (Curated, Exotic Car Dealer)

John Temerian is the CEO of a vintage exotic car dealership has the life story to back it up. He runs Curated, a Miami-based dealership that buys and sells investment quality “blue chip” cars. Think classic exotics like Countach, Miura, CLK GTR, XJ220, Bugatti EB110s, etc. John has owned, bought, and sold, hundreds of cars and his knowledge runs deep. He has great insight, stories, and a love of cars that is infectious...



episode 658: Robin Grove (CEO of CARS: high-end auto shipping co)

Robin Grove is the CEO of CARS (Classic Automotive Relocation Services), which transports multimillion-dollar cars around the world. She also has an impressive collection of her own. We talk about what it takes to ship an 8-figure car around the world, which countries are more difficult, the various rules of show and display, her Golf R, her off-road commute to Vegas, the incredible Ace she owns, her history with Mustangs and Panoz, and how she got into the business...



episode 657: Larry Kosilla (AMMONYC)

Larry Kosilla is one of the world’s best detailers and the founder of AMMO NYC detailing products. On this episode we talk paint protection, car care for lazy people, his new product (and EPA headache), washing cars in the winter, supply chains, shipping costs, his new EV, his insane 9 hour commute. @AMMO NYC Go to and use code smokingtire14 for up to 14 free meals, including free shipping. Go to StatHero...




We’ve been making this podcast for 10 years thanks to listeners like you. Since the beginning, many people have asked us to get rid of the ads, or leave the live streams up a little longer, or get more content...



episode 656: Crew Show (Evos, presence, Honda trucks, Q&A) - TST Podcast #656

On this crew show we talk about being more present, 2-door off-roaders, the new Honda Ridgeline, things Raptors are bad at, which car we would turn into a monster truck, Lancer Evos, answer MANY questions, and give some watch advice. You get all the cars, one search. Check out so they know we sent you. Buy Innova tools at all major automotive retailers, Amazon, and with promo code SMOKINGTIRE10 to save 10%...



episode 655: Mike Musto (Hemmings)

Mike Musto is the ambassador of all things muscle car and full of car-life wisdom. He’s been a journalist for twenty years, avid track-day driver, car flipper, hosted /BIG MUSCLE, and beat up his ‘68 Charger on the show “Bullrun”. He's currently the Director of New Media at Hemmings. You get all the cars, one search. Check out so they know we sent you. Buy Innova tools at all major automotive retailers, Amazon, and https://www.NETGEAR...



episode 654: Crew Show (Ford Bronco review, Subaru, Q&A!)

Off-roading the Ford Bronco Outer Banks, what the Subaru Outback Wilderness can (and can't) do, the Tesla robot, Anthony Bourdain, and answer a strange question about the Corvette Z06. Upgrade to Orbi WiFi 6 and save 10% today. Visit and use code SMOKINGTIRE10 to save 10%. Purchase a 3-month Babbel subscription, you’ll get an additional 3 months for free. Go to and use promo code TIRE. Check out https://www.AutoTempest...


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