The Social Work Stories Podcast

A podcast exploring Social Work practice through stories & critical reflection.

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episode 89: A Case for More Social Workers in the Disabilities Space - Ep. 89

In this episode, Lis and Mim delve into a rich practice story from a social worker in the disabilities space, supporting a mother and her children experiencing domestic violence, while working to meet the high support needs of one of the children. Th...



episode 88: Discharge planning: Social justice in action - Ep.88

Hey! Social Worker!! If you listen to this episode you'll never think of 'discharge planning' as simply admin again... it'll become an act of social justice each and every time! Enjoy.   SIDE NOTE: In this episode, Mim refers to Pamela Trevithick's w...


 April 3, 2024  47m

episode 87: How an aged-care social worker uses dignifying practice as covert resistance - Ep.87

Lis called this episode, "A classic!" and Mim said, "This is going straight onto my University Readings List." So, you know it's going to be worth the listen! We hope that you enjoy.   SIDE NOTE: In this episode, Lis refers to a journal article on 'c...


 March 1, 2024  37m

episode 86: "Don't just believe what you read on my file": Re-authoring patient stories - Ep. 86

Welcome back to the Social Work Stories podcast. This is the first episode released for 2024, and boy-oh-boy do we have a doozy for you!! In this episode, you'll join Lis and Mim in hearing from an anonymous social worker using a practice innovation ...


 January 31, 2024  57m

episode 85: Social Work and Voluntary Assisted Dying: We Have All The Tools We Need - Ep. 85

Join hosts Lis Murphy and Mim Fox as they delve into the nuanced and delicate role of social workers in supporting individuals through voluntary assisted dying. As the state of New South Wales, Australia prepares to introduce voluntary assisted dying...


 November 21, 2023  47m

episode 84: Abortion in Australia: The impact on women and social work practice - Ep. 84

This episode details the experience of a woman and her social worker seeking an abortion, but who face extreme barriers on multiple fronts to access the care and decision-making power she needs. This is certainly an episode NOT TO MISS! Join Mim and ...


 October 5, 2023  37m

episode 83: Supporting continuing bonds through adult memory making in hospital-based end of life care - Ep.83

In this episode, Lis invites expert special guest Jo McIlveen to come and listen to this moving story of a social worker's intervention using memory making for a grieving family in a hospital setting. Lis and Jo discuss the ins and outs of the story ...


 August 30, 2023  44m

episode 82: Bush Adventure Therapy: Nature as co-therapist - Ep.82

Ever thought that maybe taking a client, consumer, patient outside the four walls of your office and into the big, wide world to help with creating some change and perspective? Well this episode is the one to listen to! Join Lis and Mim (and their gu...


 August 1, 2023  43m

episode 81: We are Making Visible: Introducing the Making Visible podcast

Exciting news! We are introducing a new podcast project to you all. In this episode you'll hear all about the podcast we've been working on with the Agency for Clinical Innovation and NSW Health called 'Making Visible: Preventing and Responding to Vi...


 June 27, 2023  10m

episode 80: The Friday Afternoon Special - A Family and Domestic Violence Social Work Story - Ep.80

We've all been there. That moment on a Friday afternoon, when things are calm and you've wrapped up the working week, about to clock-off and hit the weekend. Then... all hell breaks loose and you find yourself in a classic 'Friday Afternoon Special'....


 May 30, 2023  30m