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The Spiel is a show about games and the people who love them. Each episode, we review and discuss a new board game or card game. Each game reviewed receives a Major Fun or Spiel of Approval award, our badge of quality. Older episodes (220 and earlier) feature a variety show format with game reviews and interviews. We here at The Spiel know fun. The Spiel and its media network are part of The Spiel Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to making the world a more playful place. We believe play is a powerful positive force in the world. Our goal with the show is open a door to the wider world of games to as many people as we can. Have a listen. I hope you'll be inspired to find a friend and play!

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Episode #405 - Cafe

The coffee craze has hit Portugal and there's a fortune to be made supporting its growing cafe culture. Can you create a successful supply chain harvesting, drying, roasting and delivering coffee beans to meet the demand for this magic drink?


 2022-09-12  1h41m

Episode #403 - Kabuto Sumo

A review of Kabuto written by Stephen Conway.


 2022-08-29  n/a

Episode #404 - Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect is a game of logic and space with a technological twist. Over six rounds, can you puzzle out how to arrange all the party guests in a cardboard diorama? When you’re ready, snap a a photo with your phone and compare.


 2022-08-29  38m

Episode #402 - Mind MGMT

Take a deep dive into this remarkable one-against-many game of hidden movement and deduction based on the graphic novel series by Matt Kindt.


 2022-06-30  1h55m

Episode #401 - Ouch!

A review of Ouch! written by Doug Richardson.


 2022-06-29  n/a

Episode #400 - Aves

Aves is a card game with roots in the classics. It is also a game of simple, subtle, and sneaky strategies. To celebrate our 400th review episode, we invited Spielers from around the world to host 7 different segments featured over the past 16 years.


 2022-06-15  3h7m

Episode #399 - 7 Wonders: Architects

7 Wonders Architects is a quick-playing game of card drafting and empire building. Inspired by its wildly successful sibling (7 Wonders), Architects builds a different kind of fun - one that is open and approachable by a broader audience.


 2022-05-31  1h26m

Episode #398 - Long Shot: The Dice Game

A review of Long Shot The Dice Game written by Stephen Conway.


 2022-05-18  n/a

Episode #397 - Boomerang

The Boomerang family of games are draft-and write games. Build the best trip over seven cards, balancing multiple ways to score. Pick and place and go! The farther you wander, the better the trip.


 2022-05-09  32m

Episode #396 - Glow

Glow is a dice driven card and board game. You have eight days to gather companions and collect shards of light. The journey will be arduous, BUT with careful plans... and a little luck, you could become a legend!


 2022-04-29  2h19m