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We obsess about food to learn more about people. The Sporkful isn't for foodies, it's for eaters. Hosted by Dan Pashman of Cooking Channel's You're Eating It Wrong and the book Eat More Better. A Stitcher Production.

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CBD: New Food Frontier Or Marketing Gimmick?

Business is booming in the world of CBD oil and cannabis-infused edibles. But are the science and technology keeping up? Dan investigates when he travels to Oregon, where recreational pot is legal, to meet a woman dubbed "the Martha Stewart of edibles". Today's sponsors: Go to to receive exclusive offers and learn more. Go to to learn more about a Carnival Cruise Line vacation. Go to to get one month free.



Comic Maria Bamford Risked Her Life For Ice Cream

The native Minnesotan explains why a little internal bleeding can't keep her from a treat, and why the way she eats salad is like the way she deals with depression. Today's sponsors: Go to for delicious recipes and more. Go to to get $50 off your first job post. Search V - R - B - O in the app store to download the Vrbo app today.



Writer Kiese Laymon Wants to be Heavy

Disordered eating, anti-blackness, fat-phobia, and addiction all bubble together in Kiese Laymon's new book, "Heavy: An American Memoir." "As artists, we got to be able to talk about all of it at once because it always happens at once," he says. "Food to me is a paradoxical way to get into all of the mess of what we are." Today's sponsors: Dinner for Everyone by Mark Bittman is available wherever books are sold. Go to to learn more. Go to ICantBelieveItsNotButter...




Yesterday's show was a satire. :) Please enjoy it as such!



Green Apple Bad Apple

When Dan hit 40, he noticed his body wasn't feeling as good. So recently, he embarked on a journey to change his lifestyle. Today, you'll meet the three people who've inspired him. Today's sponsors: Go to to learn more. Go to for delicious recipes and more. This week we're making a Lamb Burger with Creamy Feta on Thomas' English Muffin. Get the recipe here:



A Soda Jerk And A Mormon Walk Into A Podcast

Ben Abbott wants to pair his meals with drinks, but as a Mormon, he doesn't drink alcohol. So Dan journeys to an offbeat soda shop in Los Angeles to find Ben some beverages. Plus, a linguist explains why some people say soda, coke, or pop. Today's sponsors: Go to get a free month and a second month of The Great Courses Plus for 99 cents. Go to find out more go to Go to neoufitness...



Talkback! Why Hibachi is Complicated (Pt. 2)

Talkback! Why Hibachi is Complicated (Pt. 2) Last week, we talked hibachi and why it's complicated. This week, Dan takes your questions and discusses them, along with friends-of-the-show and cookbook authors Kenji López-Alt and Nicole Taylor. We cover communal eating, orientalism, finding "authentic" foods, and more. Nicole also dishes on her upcoming cookbook, The Last O.G. Cookbook, and Kenji updates us on his restaurant, Wursthall, in San Mateo, CA. Today's sponsors: Go to Bona...


 2019-03-18  27m

Why Hibachi is Complicated

The hibachi restaurant was created in America in 1964 by a savvy showman and Japanese immigrant named Rocky Aoki, who observed that "Americans enjoy eating in exotic surroundings, but are deeply mistrustful of exotic foods." This week, we see the skill it takes to be a great hibachi chef, and look at what happens when the performance becomes problematic. Today's sponsors: Go to to learn more. Go to receive exclusive offers and to learn more. Go to ling-ling...


 2019-03-11  33m

The First Time I Ate My Feelings

Josie Long and Jonny Donahoe love food, but they've also struggled over the years with disordered eating. Last year they had a baby, which brings new opportunities for food joy, and stress. The comedians join Dan to talk about trying to share their passion for food with their daughter, while leaving out the parts they’re determined not to pass down. Today's sponsors: Go to to see available stores in your area and start your free two-week trial.


 2019-03-04  33m

Office Fridge Theft: What Would the Founding Fathers Do?

Your philosophy about how a communal fridge should be used says a lot about how you think society should function. This week, listeners share their opinions. Plus we hear stories of the crazy things people do to stop office fridge theft, and we talk with an admitted perpetrator. Today's sponsors: Go to to find Ling-Ling at a location near you. Go to and use promo code SPORKFUL to get free shipping with no minimum. Go to for more information.


 2019-02-25  31m