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The Hidden History of Regional Burgers

And a debate about potato salad… Welcome to our summer cookout spectacular! We talk with renowned burger historian George Motz about the history of the hamburger, and about the wide range of regional burgers across the country, many of which are unknown outside their areas. Then we get an incredible burger recipe from Chef Jehangir Mehta, inspired by Indian street food, that’s made with 25% mushrooms. Finally, our old friend J...



Inside The Turmoil At Bon Appétit

When the spotlight goes away… In the wake of allegations about systemic racism at Bon Appétit, people of color there were hopeful things would change...



This Butcher Wants You To Eat Less Meat

How the (part veggie) sausage gets made...Cara Nicoletti comes from a long line of butchers, but her grandfather didn’t want her to follow in his footsteps. It’s physical work, it requires long hours, the pay isn’t great, and the path is even tougher for women. Cara went against her grandfather’s wishes anyway and became a butcher — but she hasn’t followed a traditional path. She spent ten years developing a type of sausage that none of her ancestors could have imagined...



Plantation Rum Is Changing Its Name. Is That Enough?

Plus a rum expert’s summer cocktail tips...The word “plantation” has been used in food branding to conjure images of a romanticized, whitewashed American South. (Think “Plantation Mint Tea” or “Plantation Chicken.”) Food writer Osayi Endolyn, whose work inspired our 2019 episode on this topic, “When White People Say Plantation,” returns to discuss Plantation Rum’s name change, as well as similar recent changes by Bigelow Tea and Aunt Jemima...


 2020-07-11  40m

Writer Kiese Laymon Wants To Be Heavy

On the weight of being Black in America... Kiese Laymon has spent his whole life in conflict over eating and not eating. Over the course of his life, his weight has spiked and dipped. In his book, Heavy: An American Memoir, Kiese weaves together all these experiences. In doing so, disordered eating, anti-blackness, fat-phobia, and addiction all bubble together. "As artists, we got to be able to talk about all of it at once because it always happens at once," he says...


 2020-07-04  31m

How To Taste Food Like A Flavor Chemist

And why natural flavors are shrouded in secrecy...“Natural flavors” show up on ingredient lists for all kinds of foods. But what does that mean exactly? We get a peek into the secretive science of flavoring when we talk with Marie Wright of ADM Nutrition, who’s created more than 1,000 flavors in her 30 years as a flavor chemist. She explains how natural flavors are made, why lemon flavor doesn’t contain lemon juice, and why flavoring plant-based burgers is so hard...


 2020-06-27  33m

A Reckoning At Bon Appetit

A beloved brand with a toxic workplace... The videos shot in the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen are among the most popular food videos on YouTube, beloved for their depiction of a workplace that feels cool, fun, and diverse, full of chummy editors who have become celebrities. But that all changed this week when a photo of Bon Appetit editor-in-chief Adam Rapoport in brownface was posted to Twitter...


 2020-06-14  34m

The Rigor And Aggression Of The French Kitchen

A middle-aged dad infiltrates the brutal world of high-end restaurants… Bill Buford is a writer who specializes in throwing himself into high-pressure environments that he’s not equipped to handle. For his seminal book "Heat," he spent a few months cooking in Mario Batali’s New York restaurant kitchen, a decade before Batali’s #MeToo downfall. For his latest book, "Dirt," Bill moved his family to Lyon, France, so he could learn to cook French cuisine...


 2020-06-08  36m

Can A Restaurant Be For Everyone?

"White people are comfortable anywhere," says restaurateur Andy Shallal. "In order for a black person to walk into a space, there need to be signals that say, 'You're welcome.'" In this week's show we decode those signals, which include the decor and music, the staff and other customers, and more. These codes tell you what kind of place a restaurant is, and whether it's for you...


 2020-06-01  42m

What Makes Some Seltzers Sparkle?

How to judge seltzers, plus the science of carbonation... Over the past decade, seltzer has exploded. Sales have doubled, and companies like Coke and Pepsi are buying up brands and creating their own sparkling waters. So in a crowded field, with a drink that doesn't have much flavor to begin with, how do you tell which one is best? We talk with the hosts of the podcast Seltzer Death Match to find out...


 2020-05-18  33m