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Live from Hollywood, CA by way of the Broken Skull Ranch, Pro Wrestling Hall of Famer, Action Movie/TV star, Steve Austin talks about anything and everything that pops into his brain. Steve shares tales from his new life, unbelievable past adventures, talks to pro wrestling name it, Steve's on it. For more episodes, go to Got questions?

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SASu - EP188 - WWE Referees, Roman Reigns, & @TedFowler361

Steve's talking to you guys, he's talking to @TedFowler361... and he's covering everything from his thoughts on WWE Referees and how they're utilized today to Roman Reigns as the next big star to the ladies battling it out...


 2015-01-22  1h16m

SASu - EP186 - Headaches, Hassles & Horseshit

Steve talks to his OTHER boss on today's show - PodcastOne founding CEO Norm Pattiz! How much of a grilling does Norm get? And then Steve's talking to you guys! WM19, John Cena, Macho Man Randy Savage, Royal Rumble, Adam Sandler,...


 2015-01-15  1h27m

SASu - EP184 - F You! I'm a Heel!

Steve's talking wrestling, and wait till you hear what he WAS gonna do IF Paul E. hadn't called him right after Bischoff fired him from WCW! Find out which matches were the toughest to work, how he really feels about the War Games...


 2015-01-08  1h14m

SASu - EP182 - Chinese Finger Traps & Triple-Shot Margaritas

Steve Austin is back on the Broken Skull Ranch and cracked open the mic with @TedFowler361. They were also joined by a very special guest, Steve's younger brother Jeff! They told some stories, answered your questions, and talked a little...


 2015-01-01  1h26m

SASu - EP180 - Jim Ross &"Talk To Steve"

The white meat babyface from Norman OK, jumpin' Jim Ross joins Stone Cold to talk a little wrasslin' - Big Show & Roman Reigns, RAW, Global Force Wrestling, and New Japan! Plus, the masses (YOU) have spoken, and it's unanimous...


 2014-12-25  1h56m

SASu - EP178 - Betty Ford South

Steve Austin & @TedFowler361 are coming to you live from Betty Ford South... ok, so it's really the BSR in Tilden, TX! And they're talking pro-wrestling (NOT sports entertainment). Get some Monday Night RAW analysis, debate...


 2014-12-18  1h24m

SASu - EP176 - Jack & Coke, Por Favor

Steve Austin and @TedFowler361 poured a couple of Jack & Cokes and got to talking about everything from a possible Jim Ross return to WWE to the Undertaker's choke slam to the current state of the WWE and what can be improved. Steve...


 2014-12-11  1h42m

SASu - EP174 - It's Pro Wrestling Goddamnit!

Steve Austin flew to Tulsa, OK on Monday on the WWE Private Jet to interview Vince McMahon, and this is what happened leading up to that live sitdown with the WWE boss! Find out who Steve talked to backstage at RAW, who he dropped a Reverse...


 2014-12-04  1h36m

SASu - EP172 - One Tackle, Drop Down, Reverse Hip Toss

This is a tag team match for the ages! 6 vs 2 as Stone Cold and @TedFowler361 take on PED-infested rats at the Broken Skull Ranch in a fight to the death. Is this the end of our favorite South Texas heroes? Or will they live to hunt......


 2014-11-27  1h30m

SASu - EP170 - Bill Apter of Pro Wrestling Illustrated fame

Bill Apter, formerly of Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine, talks to the "1990 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Rookie Of The Year" (that's Steve Austin in case you're wondering) about Buddy Rogers, the death of the territories,...


 2014-11-20  1h22m