The Struggle is Real: Financial Independence Strategies for Young Adults

This show is for 20-somethings who want to expedite their journey to financial independence. Have you ever asked yourself, “If money wasn’t an issue, what would I do with my life?” If not, think about it because you’ll need an answer sooner than you think, but my guess is, you have. You’ve thought about an alternative career path, starting your own business, or spending more time developing your hobbies but the major factor holding you back is money. I want to solve that problem for you. On the show, we’ll answer questions like: *What are the best investment strategies for early retirement? *How much money do I need to retire early? *How do I negotiate a higher salary or raise at my current job? *What are some profitable side hustle ideas I can start today? *What are the best strategies for budgeting and managing my money? *What frugal life hacks can make everyday purchases more affordable? *How can I withdraw funds from retirement accounts penalty-free before the traditional retirement age? *What are some long-term strategies for building wealth and financial security?

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episode 134: This is the REAL Meaning of Being Frugal (and It’s Not Depriving Yourself) l E134 Joel Larsgaard How to Money

When I say the word frugal, what comes to mind?

Do you think of your penny-pitching sibling? Or your coupon-clipping aunt? Your co-worker that always brings their lunch? The reality is, frugal means something different to everyone.

Frugality is a spectrum, and I believe it can be extremely beneficial to live your 20s with a healthy amount of frugality. Split rent with roommates. Shop at value-based stores. Avoid overspending on luxuries like new cars or fancy clothes...



episode 133: How to Ask for a Raise: Step-By-Step Process to Make the Ask & Actually Get It | E133 Andrew Giancola

You’re a top performer at work. Your manager routinely praises you and you’ve been taking on more responsibilities as your team and your company grows. With all of these positive indicators, a thought has been in the back of your mind - “I deserve a raise.” Those 2 to 3% increases you’ve received the last couple of years aren’t making a major difference to your financial situation let alone keeping up with inflation...



episode 132: How to Launch a Side Hustle While Working Full-Time | E132 Genuinely Genesis

One of the keys to building wealth is increasing your income. Most 20-somethings don’t have a savings problem, they have an income problem.

You’re trying to pay off student loans, graduate from a college lifestyle, and invest for their future all while working with an entry-level salary...


 January 17, 2024  41m

episode 131: Using Geo Arbitrage to Save a Ton of Money and Reach FI/RE Sooner | E131 Rachel Covert

It’s hard living a frugal life. I’m constantly questioning myself whenever I do things like taking leftovers from a free corporate lunch or doing date night at 4pm so we can get happy hour pricing.

Although these frugal practices are simply a journey all 20-somethings need to live through, it’s not what I want to be doing forever...


 January 3, 2024  45m

episode 130: Former Inmate on Believing in Yourself, Creating Your Comeback, and Proving Them Wrong | E130 Nate Dukes

For today’s episode, we are going to pause our money content to share a powerful story. With 2024 quickly approaching, I’m sure you’re giving thought to some changes you’d love to make in your life. It could be that you want to eat healthier, repair a relationship, feel more confident, tap into your true potential, or anything of the sort.

But maybe those ideas come with some discouragement...


 December 25, 2023  50m

episode 129: 4 Realistic New Year’s Resolutions that Will Set You Up for Financial Success in 2024 (and beyond) | E129

I’ve noticed that New Year’s resolutions have been taking some heat lately. I get it, it is totally illogical that a single predetermined day is chosen for everyone to start a major life change and by February, most of us have given up on our grand changes and retreated back to our normal lives.

But there is something about a fresh calendar year that gives me hope and naturally makes me prioritize the changes that I’ve been putting off...


 December 18, 2023  11m

episode 128: Realistically, How Much Does It Cost to Have Kids? | E128 Maya Corbic

I’ve always dreamt about becoming a dad. I know little moments like teaching them the ABCs, running them to soccer practice, or helping them pick out their prom outfits are going to bring me a lot of joy. I’m even ready for the challenging moments like sleepless nights, pre-teen outbursts, and difficult “growing up” conversations.

One thing that I’m not sure I’m ready for is the cost of children...


 December 11, 2023  40m

episode 127: Did You Forget These 4 Financial News Headlines From 2023? | E127

We are closing up on 2023 and I thought it would make for a fun episode to recap some of the top financial news headlines from the year.

Being a fellow money nerd, this year provided many interesting headlines that were fun to follow and watch play out. And looking back at it all, these stories reminded me of an important lesson that I’ll share at the end of this episode...


 December 4, 2023  9m

episode 126: Avoiding the Comparison Trap: 5 Powerful Ideas to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others | E126 Hayley Dawson

Today we dive deep into a universal struggle that affects us all: the comparison trap. In a world fueled by social media highlights and curated success stories, it's easy to find ourselves measuring our worth against others.

This happens to me all of the time. I see someone else’s life: the promotion, the new house, a fancy vacation, their business success…and start frantically wondering why I don’t have that yet...


 November 27, 2023  49m

episode 125: Your Year-End Financial Checklist: 8 To-Dos to Complete by December 31st | E125

The holiday season is in full swing and I’m so excited to spend the next month celebrating with friends and family. With all of the parties and get-togethers, it will be 2024 before we know it. But before we say goodbye to 2023, I have a few things I want you to check off your to-do list.

In today’s episode, I’m going to give you a financial checklist of 8 tasks you may want to consider doing by Dec. 31 to tidy up your finances...


 November 20, 2023  15m