The Video Game Super Show! Show

Hard Drive editors Mark Roebuck and Jeremy Kaplowitz embark on a quest to watch and chronicle every single episode of 1980s and 1990s video game cartoons.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h17m. Bisher sind 85 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast

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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Reflections

The boys look back on all the highs and lows of the previous year and a half, and discuss highlights of the Super Mario Brothers Super Show. In addition to top 5 lists for favorite episode, guest star, and series MVP, Mark and Jeremy single out a few...


 2020-06-01  1h12m

Karate Koopa

Mark and Jeremy watch and discuss the FINAL episode of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Fittingly, it's very racist. Mario and Luigi head back to the city of Sayonara seeking the help of a mythical ninja, voiced by a white guy doing a painfully bad...


 2020-05-25  1h25m

The Moblins are Revolting!

Here it is, paisanos, the final Zelda episode of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!  The last episode of this children’s program contains a worker’s revolution, an awful lot of Elvira’s cleavage, and very little Zelda and Link! In addition...


 2020-05-18  1h29m

Robo Koopa w/ Kyle Erf

Comedian, prolific Hard Drive writer, and game developer Kyle Erf joins the podcast to discuss the long-awaited ROBO KOOPA, an episode so bizarrely far from its source material, we're not sure if it's actually even parodying RoboCop. Mario and the...


 2020-05-11  1h43m

The Fire of Hercufleas

Mark and Jeremy revisit the famously (FAMOUSLY) lost episode of their podcast, The Fire of Hercufleas. Luckily no technical difficulties stand between the boys and them telling you all about this episode which features an old homey of Toad’s that...


 2020-05-04  1h27m

Star Koopa

Mark and Jeremy finally watch STAR KOOPA live on Twitch with commentary! Why is the show named Star Koopa instead of something better? Why does everyone have pointy lightsabers, including the stormkoopas? Why is Santa Claus in it? Why does Luigi have...


 2020-04-27  1h35m

Raiders of the Lost Mushroom

What's stranger? Live action Mario getting a smelly piece of mail to announce the impending arrival of a bizarrely-cast celebrity guest? Or the fact that they didn’t draw a face on the only new character this episode? Both wrong! King Koopa's got a...


 2020-04-20  1h34m

The Missing Link w/ Bob Forward

Link turns into a ghost and only Zelda can see him because she's in love with him or some shit holy fuck we talked to BOB FORWARD! Bob, who wrote nearly every single episode of the Zelda cartoon sheds some MAJOR light on the mysteries of this show! We...


 2020-04-13  1h33m

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

This is the best episode of the podcast we have ever done. Mark and Jeremy don't get past the title card of this week's episode because they fall down a rabbit hole of fascinating Super Mario Bros Super Show lore. And worse, they may have created a...


 2020-04-06  1h13m

Flatbush Koopa

Mario and Luigi have defeated King Koopa once and for all and return to their home, Brooklyn. That's actually the plot of this episode. Did they really murder the giant cosplaying lizard once and for all? Or has he sneaked into the real world himself...


 2020-03-30  1h27m