The Talk Show With John Gruber

The director’s commentary track for Daring Fireball. Long digressions on Apple, technology, design, movies, and more.

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367: ‘Slow Moving Hurricane’, With Craig Hockenberry

Craig Hockenberry returns to the show to talk about the demise of third-party Twitter clients, the overall Twitter shitshow, touchscreens on the Mac, and the perils of autocorrect when you have a clever username.



366: ‘Measure Seven Times, Cut Once’, With Glenn Fleishman

Glenn Fleishman returns to the show to talk about reported setbacks in Apple's silicon division, the LastPass vault leak and password management, and the frontiers of social networking. Also, the joys of modern air travel during the holidays.



365: ‘Permanent September’, With Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie returns to the show to talk about recent news (Twitter, Freeform, iCloud Advanced Data Protection, the EU’s new Digital Markets Act) and Apple’s 2022 year in review.


 2022-12-22  2h45m

364: ‘Spooky Hole’, With John Moltz

Friend of the show John Moltz returns to talk about Elon Musk steering Twitter into a multi-issue spat with Apple, Mastodon, and some streaming TV recommendations.


 2022-12-01  2h21m

363: ‘Deliberately Churned’, With Christina Warren

Christina Warren returns to the show to talk about the drama at Disney, tumult at Twitter, and how the hell to score Taylor Swift tickets.


 2022-11-24  2h15m

362: ‘Grand Scale Foot-Shooting’, With Anil Dash

Special guest: Anil Dash. A little about last week’s U.S. midterm elections, and a lot about what’s going on at Twitter under Elon Musk.


 2022-11-19  2h14m

361: ‘A Fit of Pique’, With Federico Viticci

Federico Viticci returns to the show to talk about iPads, Stage Manager, and Apple’s ill-considered foray into expanding ads in the App Store.


 2022-11-01  2h29m

360: ‘Neither Fish Nor Fowl’, With Jason Snell

Jason Snell returns to the show to talk about the new 10th-gen iPad and M2 iPads Pro.


 2022-10-25  2h31m

359: ‘Big Booger Came After You’, With Merlin Mann

Merlin Mann returns to the show to talk about AI image generation (along with a few asides).


 2022-10-13  1h37m

358: ‘Double-Digit Domains’, With Paul Kafasis

Paul Kafasis returns to the show to talk about the iPhone 14 Pro, Apple Watch Ultra, AirPods Pro, and Rogue Amoeba’s 20th anniversary.


 2022-10-01  2h30m