The Talk Show With John Gruber

The director’s commentary track for Daring Fireball. Long digressions on Apple, technology, design, movies, and more.

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41: See You on Larry's Island

Very special guest Merlin Mann joins John Gruber to discuss 43-year-old Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera, career-ending injuries for writers and podcasters, and whether Larry Page more resembles a Bond villain ...


 2013-05-21  1h20m

40: A Look At Mail In Cyberdog

Special guest Dan Frommer joins John Gruber, with topics including Windows 8's "have it all" design leading to it failing both as a tablet and PC OS; the loyalty of ...


 2013-05-14  1h12m

39: iOS 7 Deforestation

Special guest Marco Arment joins John Gruber to discuss reports of iOS 7's new system-wide appearance and where Apple might be heading stylistically; Microsoft's scrapping of the "Hotmail" brand and ...


 2013-05-04  1h48m

38: Up To The Creepy Line

Special guest John Moltz joins John Gruber for a discussion on Apple's quarterly results, the asinine idea that Tim Cook's job is possibly in jeopardy, and more.


 2013-04-29  1h33m

37: Live from Úll 2013

Recorded in front of a live audience at the Úll conference in Dublin, Ireland, Michael Lopp joins John Gruber. Topics include: Ron Johnson’s stint as CEO at JC Penney, Apple’s ...


 2013-04-16  50m

36: Stockpiling the Nuclear Weapons of Design War

Special guest Om Malik joins John Gruber for a discussion about Facebook Home, and the potential for Facebook to eventually make their own mobile OS, Andy Rubin's ouster as leader ...


 2013-04-09  1h22m

35: Bozos and BlackBerrys

Special guest Erica Ogg, senior writer and Apple beat reporter for GigaOM, joins John Gruber to discuss Apple’s hiring of Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch, Apple’s PR department, the BBC running ...


 2013-03-25  1h25m

34: I Don't Want To Put Down My Drink

Special guest star MG Siegler joins John Gruber to discuss a week jam-packed with news: Phil Schiller's Android-trashing interviews; Samsung's bizarre introduction of the interesting Galaxy S4; Andy Rubin stepping ...


 2013-03-16  1h55m

33: Apple's Actual Problems

Special guest Guy English joins John Gruber to talk about the gaping holes in the "Apple is working on a watch" rumors and the actual major problems and risks Apple ...


 2013-03-07  1h37m

32: Denied Permission for an Emergency Landing at Clavius

Special guest Jim Coudal joins John Gruber to discuss Stanley Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey", The Deck network and the state of online advertising, and the just-completed Webstock conference in ...


 2013-02-23  1h11m