The Taylor Stevens Show

Information and inspiration on writing, publishing, craft, mindset, productivity and making the most of your writing life with New York Times bestselling author Taylor Stevens and indie author Stephen Campbell. This podcast will help you kick writing in the butt one word at a time.

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TSS019: Juggles within the Juggles, or Managing Multiple Projects

The topic of this episode is juggling, but not in the traditional sense of tossing balls, bowling pins, or rings. We’re talking about managing multiple projects while also managing a household and raising children. We get into dealing with publishers,


 2015-09-22  22m

TSS018: Can music feed creativity?

In this episode we discuss using music to engage and activate the creative parts of the brain. And Taylor explains why she play the same music in a loop while writing, until a book is finished. Then we get into a discussion of some of her favorite musi...


 2015-09-15  16m

TSS017: Why Publishing Contracts Include Word Counts and Other Listener Questions

In this second Q & A episode, Taylor and Steve battle their way through thunderstorm related technical glitches while Taylor responds to listener questions, including:  Do book contract word count clauses cause authors to lose pace and readers?


 2015-09-08  20m

TSS016: How Success Can Feel Like Failure

In this episode, Taylor poses the question, “Why does success so often feel like failure all the way to the finish line?” She shares specific examples of the kinds of failing towards success all authors go through with each book.


 2015-09-01  16m

TSS015: Hacking your Way to Writing Success

In this episode we discuss Taylor’s unusual writing education, the importance of understanding the difference between writing and story, specific writing concepts, and her struggle with writing transitions.


 2015-08-25  23m

TSS014: When can a Bad Review Actually be Good?

Can a bad review ever be good for an author?  We discuss the different ways reviews, both positive and negative can be helpful for authors and ways that readers can help to elevate the intelligence of the review world. Taylor’s Website www.


 2015-08-18  19m

TSS013: What the Heck is a Third Culture Kid?

This week’s show is all about Third Culture Kids: Who are they, what makes them different, why they don’t take hot water for granted and why simple questions like, “Where are you from?” can make them groan in frustration. Then,


 2015-08-11  17m

TSS012: Stories from the Road

From microphones and big bold signatures to meetings with publishing people in New York, this episode is all about what went on behind the scenes to support the release of THE MASK—Including the story of getting punked at a joint author event by fellow...


 2015-08-04  22m

TSS011: Myths and Misunderstandings around Successful Books

In this episode, we discuss some of the myths and misunderstandings about what makes a successful book in today’s world of publishing.  The book is obviously important, but there are other dozens of other variables,


 2015-07-28  20m

TSS010: Stories from a Storyteller about Telling Stories in Public

In this episode, we discuss the different types of public speaking authors do, from book signings to conferences to speaking in front of large groups. Taylor shares her non-process preparation process, and the differences she experiences when speaking ...


 2015-07-21  16m