The Taylor Stevens Show

Information and inspiration on writing, publishing, craft, mindset, productivity and making the most of your writing life with New York Times bestselling author Taylor Stevens and indie author Stephen Campbell. This podcast will help you kick writing in the butt one word at a time.

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TSS009: Why are Kick Ass Thriller Characters Often Damaged?

In this episode, we discuss the reasons why the heroes and heroines that drive popular thrillers carry such baggage.  Why the alcoholic ex-cop, or the man who was just fired from his job, or the woman with the traumatic past? Can a normal,


 2015-07-14  22m

TSS008: Dealing with Perfectionism, and Other Reader Questions

In this first Q & A episode, Taylor responds to reader questions, including:  How do you get past perfectionism? Can you discuss character versus plot development? How can authors figure out their writing style?


 2015-07-07  26m

TSS007: The Voice of Munroe, Hillary Huber, Joins us on Launch Day for The Mask

Taylor and Hillary Huber have worked together to produce 5 1/2 audiobooks in the Vanessa Michael Munroe series, but they’ve never spoken – before now. They come together to chat on launch day for THE MASK in this entertaining episode of what Taylor con...


 2015-06-30  29m

TSS006: The truth about book tours

In this episode we go behind the scenes for a look at book tours and the role they  play in today’s world of publishing. We also address the question so many readers want answered: “When are you coming to my town?” and discuss the best ways that we,


 2015-06-23  26m

TSS005: When writing fiction, how much of art is life?

Wherein we discuss the many traits Taylor Stevens may or may not share with a quasi-psychotic, knife-wielding, butt-kicking, anti-hero, as well as several real-life experiences that have worked their way into the Vanessa Michael Munroe stories.


 2015-06-16  17m

TSS004: Why does a location feel more authentic to one reader than another?

Why does a location feel more authentic to one reader than another? Herein we discuss some unique aspects of Japanese culture featured within THE MASK including hostess clubs and the role they play in the business culture of Japan,


 2015-06-09  19m

TSS003: Can a Beautiful Woman Realistically Pass for a Man?

Vanessa Michael Munroe lives works and dresses as both a man and a woman, depending on where she is and what she’s doing. In THE MASK, Taylor’s new book (coming at the end of June) Munroe shows up as both a woman and a man.


 2015-06-02  17m

TSS002: Is it Really Unbelievable to Speak 22 Languages?

Is it really unbelievable to speak 22 languages? Vanessa Michael Munroe’s ability to pick up languages is the trait that’s defined her life, taking her down the paths that have made her what she is. Here we discuss how possible or impossible her “poiso...


 2015-05-26  18m

TSS001: Welcome and Boots on the Ground Research

Taylor’s next book, THE MASK, is set in Japan, a country where she lived for several years while serving as child labor in the cult where she grew up.  She travelled back to Japan to research THE MASK and to reclaim her past. In this episode,


 2015-05-18  14m