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Third Rail 121: Assault on the Colon

Third Rail Ep 121: Assault on the Colon Spectre and Borzoi are joined by fresh turnouts Dharmakirti and Myles V to discuss the culture war on kids, 3D gun printing in Minecraft, humiliation rituals, and so much more. email...


 2019-09-29  2h47m

Third Rail 120: Aliyah to Korea

Third Rail Ep 120: Aliyah to Korea Spectre, Dark Enlightenment and Apache discuss Bari Weiss’ confusion about anti-Semitism, our greatest ally spying on the White House, the catabolic collapse and more! Producer: Frank Twitter...


 2019-09-15  1h53m

The Third Rail #119 - The Black Episode (None More Black)

Borzoi, Apache, John, and Spectre get dark...REAL dark (well, in a sense) on this, episode 119 of the most electrifying podcast in the biz!


 2019-09-01  2h6m

The Third Rail #118 - The 1350 Project

The Third Rail #118 - The 1350 Project Borzoi slaps together a last minute episode and spergs out for three hours with Dharmakirti and Euro about academia, enviornmentalism and deconstructing white identity Borzoi Links...


 2019-08-24  3h21m

Third Rail #117: Ridgeway Democrats

Third Rail Ep 117: Ridgeway Democrats Borzoi, Spectre, John Q Publius and Dark Enlightenment have a Don Lemon Party at Han Solo University, dodge Dr, Googa Googa and the Manischewitz Dybbuk, and discuss the decline of Maine as a metaphor for America,...


 2019-08-18  3h12m


Third Rail Ep 116: EPSTEIN DEAD, CALL THE PARANORMIES This week on the The Third Rail, the boys sans Spectre, gets breaking news about Epstein's alleged suicide, call Johnny Monoxide for his hot takes, and then spin off into a gauntlet of...


 2019-08-10  2h23m

Third Rail #115: Holowasp Revisionism

This week on the Third Rail, Borzoi conducts the autism train for an absent Spectre and brings Jayoh on as the boys discuss nibbas with nukes, ADL education shenanigans, and Larry asks us to remember the Holowasp.


 2019-08-03  2h7m

The Third Rail Ep. 114: Not in My Timeline

Third Rail Ep 114: Not in My Timeline Borzoi, Spectre, John Q Publius and Apache get together to discuss the child predators, the cucking of Catholicism, how fitness and diet are White supreeemist and the best pill of all – the Truth Pill. We’re gonna...


 2019-07-27  2h2m

The Third Rail Ep. 113: Wahmens von Brown

Third Rail Ep 113: Wahmens von Brown Borzoi, John Q. Publius and Spectre are joined by Johnny Monoxide to discuss diversity’s toll in Maine, why the Republicans have to embrace White interests, and how to effect change at the local level. Twitter...


 2019-07-20  2h5m

The Third Rail Ep. 112: Dark Merchant Rises!

Third Rail Ep 112: The Dark Merchant Rises Borzoi and Spectre are joined by Dark Enlightenment to discuss the mainstreaming of doxing, a deep dive on learned helplessness, wammen’s sports, and so much more! Twitter @borpzoi @AnatomicallyOK...


 2019-07-13  1h39m