The Third Rail

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The Third Rail Ep. 111: Libertarian Hangovers and Cultural Molestation

Third Rail Ep 111: Libertarian Hangovers and Cultural Molestation Boom: It’s Spectre, Borzoi, Larry Ridgeway and Apache discussing conservatism, libertarianism, identity, Trump, the LGBTQP meltdown and much more. Twitter @borpzoi...


 2019-06-29  1h56m

The Third Rail Ep. 110: Narrative Overlords

Third Rail Ep 110: Narrative Overlords It’s a full house with Spectre, Borzoi, John Q. Publius, Larry Ridgeway and Dark Enlightenment just shit poasting away. Winners, losers, Show Me a Racist, crazy rape lady and more. Twitter @borpzoi...


 2019-06-22  2h26m

 2019-06-16  1h53m

The Third Rail Ep. 108: Swapping Handjobs and Calling it an Economy

Spectre, Borzoi, and Larry Ridgeway are joined by Dark Enlightenment to talk about White flight as the economic engine of the US and how the Left really can meme. Bonus – More “Show Me a Racist!” Twitter @asianwolfhound @AnatomicallyOK...


 2019-06-08  2h5m

The Third Rail Ep. 107: Infinity Gamers

Spectre, Larry Ridgeway and Apache talk about falling birthrates in White countries, the globo-h0mo corporate agenda, feminist lies, pro-natalist policies and more! Twitter @asianwolfhound @AnatomicallyOK @LoveStreetBro Chief Researcher...


 2019-05-31  1h54m

 2019-05-25  2h19m

The Third Rail Ep. 105: Show me a Grug Brain

John Q. Publius, Borzoi and Spectre talk about dying empires, civilizational collapse, the Big Spectre White Pill and more. Plus another edition of your new favorite gameshow “Show Me A Racist!” Twitter @asianwolfhound @AnatomicallyOK Chief...


 2019-05-18  2h6m

Spectre's Motivational Speech May 2019

Spectre’s Speech I want to speak to all of you. All of you within the sound of my voice. All the people who have touched my life on social media and in real life. All of the people who have inspired and supported me. All of the people I will meet...


 2019-05-18  7m

Third Rail Ep. 104: That's All There is to It

Borzoi and Spectre are joined by Larry Ridgeway and Dark Enlightenment to discuss google racisms in a brand new game show, the “first” black “samurai,” the evisceration of the canon, and more. Twitter @rateb0rz0i @AnatomicallyOK @LoveStreetBro...


 2019-05-11  2h32m

Third Rail Ep. 103: Putting the D in Sunny D

Third Rail Ep 103: Putting the D in Sunny D We’re putting the D in Sunny D as Borzoi and Spectre are joined by Larry Ridgeway and Apache to discuss maggot sausage, the White people problem, demographics and more. Twitter @AnatomicallyOK...


 2019-05-04  2h16m