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Third Rail Ep. 98: Boomer Suicide Parties

Third Rail Ep 98: Boomer Suicide Parties John Q. Publius, Borzoi and Spectre discuss winners (Jussie!) and losers, the final Trump nail, Spectre’s road project, the media, the GOP boomer time bomb, third position economics, how Kaiser Soze Bismark...


 2019-03-30  1h47m

Third Rail Ep. 97: Buff My Balls

Borzoi and Spectre talk for almost two hours about nothing. No really, about Beto, the Democrat field, the last stop for the Trump Train, Chelsea being the mastermind behind New Zealand and more. Twitter @borzoopovic @AnatomicallyOK Chief...


 2019-03-16  1h56m

Third Rail Ep. 96: The Grug Rogan Experience

John Q. Publius, Borzoi and Spectre discuss winners and losers, how Trump is all so tedious, the Yang Yacht, based Congressbulb OmarGruppenfuhrer, and liberal climate deniers. Twitter @borzoopovic @AnatomicallyOK Chief Researcher...


 2019-03-09  1h57m

Third Rail 95 - Borzoi's Horse Pills

Third Rail Ep 95: Borzoi Horse Pills John Q. Publius, Borzoi and Spectre talk about the banality of the billionaire rub and tugs, how Trump is the week’s loser while Yang is the winner, and the welcome the coming collapse of Clown World Inc....


 2019-02-24  1h45m

Third Rail 94 - Pardon My French

Third Rail Ep 94: Pardon My French Spectre and @anatomicallyok are joined by Electre to talk about the wall, populism, the elite versus the people, the Yellow Vest revolution in France and all over the world, and a banana’s roadmap to the future....


 2019-02-16  1h36m

Third Rail Episode Ninety-Three: Congresswoman Limón Pledge

Spectre returns and he, @borzoopovic and @anatomicallyok talk about identity politics, fighting for the dissident right on multiple fronts, the myth of White privilege and more in a comfy, tight podcast. Twitter @borzoopovic @AnatomicallyOK...


 2019-02-09  1h5m

 2019-02-02  2h27m

Third Rail Episode Ninety-One: Septic World

John (@AnatomicallyOK) and Borzoi (@borzoombers) discuss AOC bending the knee, the 2020 Democratic Primary field, grassroots change, and more, and are then joined by Richard Houck (@heywildrich) to discuss Bryan Singer, the papacy, and the Martin...


 2019-01-26  2h23m