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Week of 2/28/20: The TJ Show 103.3 AMP RADIO

Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank fell for a major phishing scam, TJ's Street Match Game, a listener is studying to be a dermatologist, The Impractical Jokers call in to talk about their brand new movie, and Producer Matt got in a fight in Tom Brady's Instagram Comments.



Week of 2/21/20: The TJ Show 103.3 AMP RADIO

TJ's Street Match Game, Listener's Dog Barks at TJ over the Phone, a Grocery TJ Store has a very Squeaky Door, Corinne has a Pregnancy Vlog, and Comedian Will Noonan Stops By!



Week of 2/14/20: The TJ Show 103.3 AMP RADIO

TJ's Street Match Game, Kenny is moving very fast in his relationship, Caller is studying to become an ultrasound technician, Caller wishes his daughters a happy birthday, and Kenny asks people their opinions on Valentine's Day.



Week of 2/7/20: The TJ Show 103.3 AMP RADIO

Caller thinks TJ was mean to a Listener, Bar Stars, Street Match, TJ Met a Listener at a Park, Loren did the right thing, and the Top Street Match Moments of January.



Week of 1/31/19: The TJ Show 103.3 AMP RADIO

Super Bowl Weekend, Vape Pens Clogging Toilets, TJ's Street Match Game, Tom Brady's Cryptic IG Post, Boston's Recycling Crisis, TJ's Grammy.



Week of 1/24/19: The TJ Show 103.3 AMP RADIO

A brand new edition of Totally Drama or Totally Made Up, the first ever TJ Show Traffic Report, TJ's Street Match Game, and Carpool Karaoke Scandal.


 2020-01-24  18m

Week of 1/17/19: The TJ Show 103.3 AMP RADIO

Listeners share their worst first date stories, Kenny hits the streets to ask important questions, a song request comes in, someone stole Loren's company holiday gift, TJ ate a restaurant that got 3-Stars on Yelp, The Legend of Zelda inspired the name of Matt's new baby, and TJ's grandfather plays saxophone at his birthday party.


 2020-01-17  31m

Week of 1/13/19: The TJ Show 103.3 AMP RADIO

Will Tom Brady Leave the Patriots? TJ's Street Match Game, Corinne's Boyfriend found a mysterious book in their closet, Toenails can ruin relationships, Loren's sink debacle, and TJ's Pastor watches the Bachelor. 


 2020-01-13  29m

Babies Noa and Maren Arrive!

TJ an Matt’s families welcomed new girls over the holiday.


 2020-01-03  20m

Week of 12/13/19: The TJ Show 103.3 AMP RADIO

Sock Drive Final Count, Big Bonuses, Street Match with Gronk, Listener Final Exam, Loren's Package Dilemma. Charlee wants to Kidnap Santa, John and Eric from Boston Rescue Mission.


 2019-12-13  40m