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Week of 2/15/19: The TJ Show 103.3 AMP Radio

Description: TJ’s Street Match Game, Charlee Jane is sick on Valentine’s Day, Loren calls in with an update, Corinne thinks her boyfriend forgot Valentine’s Day, TJ experiments with Phones Listening to us, TJ met listeners over the weekend, Boston Traffic is the worst in the country, and Corinne recaps her Valentine’s Day.



Week of 2/4/19: The TJ Show 103.3 AMP Radio

TJ’s Street Match Game, Matt interviewed Fans at the Patriots Parade, Activity Ideas for Grandparents, More from the Parade, a Listener has Advice for Corinne’s Eye Problems, a fan of the show saw Matt at the Parade.



Week of 1/28/19: The TJ Show 103.3 AMP Radio

Producer Matt talked to fans at the Patriots Send-Off Parade, Tantrum Tuesday, Corinne’s Dad is going to Atlanta, TJ’s Street Match Game, Corinne was eating food On-Air, Our friend Joe asked people in LA to yell Go Rams, Loren calls in with a baby update, TJ took Charlee to get shots, and Corinne someone TJ was “scary.”



Week of 1/22/19: The TJ Show 103.3 AMP Radio

TJ makes a big announcement for Loren, TJ’s Street Match Game, Loren Calls in from the Hospital, TJ talks to Listeners, and our Weekend Plans.



Week of 1/14/19: The TJ Show 103.3 AMP Radio

Producer Matt's parents stop by, Loren web MD'd her water breaking, Tantrum Tuesday with Charlee Jane, petty breakup reasons, TJ's Street Match game, robo calls and GO PATS!


 2019-01-18  36m

1/7/19: The TJ Show 103.3 AMP Radio

The TJ Show addresses the recent lack of podcasts. 


 2019-01-07  8m

TJ's Sock Drive: An Interview with Kenny of Boston Rescue Mission (12/4/18)

Loren interviews Kenny, a guest of Boston Rescue Mission, who explains his homelessness story and the importance of socks.


 2018-12-04  7m

The TJ Show Sock Drive Interview with KC (12/3/18)

Loren interviews KC, a resident and worker of Boston Rescue Mission, who explains the importance of the sock drive. 


 2018-12-03  4m

--Loren's Badass Chick: Holiday Hero Sharon Collins (11/30/18)

Loren highlights this week's Holiday Hero Badass Chick, Sharon Collins: creator of the South Shore Foster Closet.


 2018-11-30  1m

11/30/18: The TJ Show 103.3 AMP Radio FULL DAILY HIGHLIGHT REEL

TJ picked the wrong shopping cart, TJ's sock drive, TJ's Street Match game, The Pats are playing this weekend and listener calls. 


 2018-11-30  24m