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The Tome Show is a D&D show that has grown to include a large number of shows each with their own focus and hosts. Jeff and Tracy host reviews and advice. James hosts the Round Table news program and the Gamer to Gamer interview show. Rudy brings us discussion of D&D video games. Geoff and Jeff W. talk about the books from the original Appendix N. And Eric joins Jeff and Tracy to talk about novels of interest to D&D fans. Jeff, Mike, and Sam (who also edits many shows) go Behind the DM Screen to talk about DMing their games. And the list keeps growing. Come check us out. Find us at or email the show at

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episode 134: The Beholder! (Monstrous Ecologist 001)

This is the debut episode of one of the Tome Show's new feature programs - The Monstrous Ecologist! In this episode your host, Jeremiah McCoy, tackles one of the most iconic monsters of D&D - the Beholder! Eye of the Beholder (phrase meaning) Interview...


 2017-09-18  17m

episode 133: Decluttering Your Gaming Shelf (Tome 288)

In this episode, Mike and Sam from Behind the DM Screen invade the Tome and talk to Jeff about decluttering your gaming shelf.  Thanks to our sponsor: Noble Knight Games - which can help YOU declutter by buying your unwanted gaming books and accessories...


 2017-09-15  1h7m

episode 132: Gender and Sexuality (Performance Check 004)

In this episode of Performance Check, Jon and Emylie lead a panel discussion discussing the role of gender and sexuality in rpgs, and how to approach it Performance Check is a monthly show focused on how to be better roleplayers. Some shows focus on ski...


 2017-09-11  56m

episode 131: Songs in the Key of D&D (Tome 287)

In this episode Jeff and Sam sit down with Aaron Good to discuss Amy Vorpahl's new album, Songs in the Key of D&D. Their review and discussion is followed by an interview with Amy Vorpahl herself. The Tome Show is a family friendly show, but an editorial...


 2017-09-05  1h29m

episode 130: More PDF Minis Reviews! (Tome 286)

In this episode, Jeff and Tracy sit down with Jeremiah McCoy to talk D&D 5e PDFs!! Thank you to our sponsor for this episode: Noble Knight Games Links: Jeremiah on the Web Jeremiah on You Tube Tracy on Twitter Tracy on the Web Jeff on Twitter The...


 2017-08-28  58m

episode 129: Stan! (Gamer to Gamer)

In this Episode, Jeff sits down with Stan! (a.k.a Steven Brown) to talk about his entry into the gaming industry, how he started playing RPGs, his time at TSR, and a bunch of other fun RPG related stuff! Thank you to our Sponsor: Easy Roller Dice   Li...


 2017-08-24  1h7m

episode 128: Interview with the NeoScum Podcast (Performance Check 003)

In this episode of Performance Check, Jon interviews the cast of NeoScum, a Shadowrun Actual Play podcast on the OneShot Network. We discuss how the characters and show came about, and discuss playing characters in a rules-heavy system Performance Check...


 2017-08-21  52m

episode 127: Behind the DM Screen (July 2017)

In this episode, Jeff, Mike, and Sam talk about their games from July 2017, and follow it up with a discussion about maps, minis, and Dwarven Forge in your game. Thanks to our sponsor for this episode: Noble Knight Links: Mike on Twitter SlyFlourish....


 2017-08-18  1h11m

episode 126: Improv at the Table (Performance Check 002)

Performance Check is a monthly show focused on how to be better roleplayers. Some shows focus on skills to use at the table to make more interesting and memorable characters that shine. We'll also be interviewing players from Actual Play podcasts and Twi...


 2017-08-07  40m

episode 125: All About Paladins! (Tome 285)

In this episode Jeff is joined by the Tome Show's social media coordinator, Ishmael Alvarez, and cohost of the Performance Check podcast, Jon Green! They sit down to talk about Paladins! What's so cool about these holy warriors? How different are Paladin...


 2017-07-28  1h5m