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The Tome Show is a D&D show that has grown to include a large number of shows each with their own focus and hosts. A variety of shows, including news, reviews, interviews, advice, actual play, and book clubs. The common theme, however, we love D&D and will never stop talking about the game. Find us at or email the show at

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The Tome Episode 19: Libris Mortis

In this episode I make two exciting announcements. First, the Tome and Fist Full of Comics and Games are officially sister podcasts now. This means some exciting new things for the show check out FFoCaG at Also I annou...


 2007-06-07  30m

The Tome Episode 18: 7th Son

In this episode I interview author J.C. Hutchins about his 7th Son podiobooks and we keep the conversation focused on gaming and D&D specifically. This was a blast and I hope you enjoy it. There will be another episode coming out shortly with some reall...


 2007-06-01  1h2m

The Tome Episode 17: Dragon 356 and Dungeon 147

In this episode the Tome looks at the latest Dragon magazine AND the latest Dungeon magazine. Check it out. Check out the NEW Tome forums at: Email the show at thetomeshow@gmail...


 2007-05-21  54m

The Tome: Episode 16 Novel Update

Road of the Patriarch, Eberron Novels of 2005 and 2006, and the Drizzt Graphic novels. In this episode there is the usual news plus we get an update on novels and I make a special announcement. Jeff, the Tome Host, reviews Road of the Patriarch by R....


 2007-05-13  42m

The Tome Episode 15: Dungeon 146

In this episode of the Tome we look at Dungeon magazine and I share a rant that I did for the Misfit Brew podcast at the House of the Harping Monkey (thanks to Mick Bradley). We have a great episode here featuring the first Tome Reporter William Pall. A ...


 2007-05-04  56m

The Tome Episode 14: Dragonmarked and More

This is a very special episode. First, you'll note that I refer to it as episode 13...which is incorrect, as explained last week. Second, this Dragonmarked review includes comments from the guys at Fist Full of Comics and Games (http://www.fistfullofcomi...


 2007-04-17  44m

The Tome Episode 13: Dragon 355

In this episode I review Dragon magazine #355...all about the monsters. Contact the show via email at, leave an odeo on the site (, or a voicemail at 206-984-1159. I already have the VERY special epi...


 2007-04-09  31m

The Tome Episode 12: Dragon 354

I got this out even faster than I thought I would...whoo hoo! In this episode I look at the latest Dragon magazine, #354 for April 2007. On a side note, I've been having to archive more and more files if this causes problems for anyone please let me ...


 2007-03-29  40m

The Tome Episode 11: Fiendish Codex II

FC2: Tyrants of the Nine Hells. Whoo boy. This is a long episode clocking in around 56 minutes. I had a lot of feedback to catch up on and I didn't even get through it all. But at 20 minutes of emails it was time to move on to the review of Fiendish Code...


 2007-03-25  56m

The Tome Episode 10: Dragons 352 and 353

Welcome to the long belated episode 10 of the Tome. In this episode I look at both Dragon magazine issues 352 and 353. One focuses on the works of China Meiville and the other is an Outer Planar Extravaganza. Sorry for the late nature of this episode, li...


 2007-02-25  39m