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Stranger Job Search

What are the most extreme lengths you've ever gone to get a job?


 2018-09-28  5m

Travel Soccer

Travel sports leagues put an extra strain on parents.


 2018-09-27  9m

Facebook Dumpster Fire

Facebook is not a happy place for Kelly these days. 


 2018-09-27  5m

DNA Test for Kids

A friend of The Tommy Show believes his youngest child might not be his own. Does he really want to know the truth for sure? What would that change?


 2018-09-26  10m

Bat Mitzvah Help

What's the perfect gift for a girl's Bat Mitzvah?


 2018-09-26  3m

ESA Arena

The Entertainment Sports Arena is now open. It's the new home of the Mystics and the Capital City Go-Go, and a concert venue for acts like Mary J. Blige and Cage the Elephant.


 2018-09-25  2m

Sidewalk Debate

Kelly's husband sounds off about "hipster millennials" who don't respect the rules of the sidewalk.


 2018-09-25  8m

Leaching Off the Ex

Wifi logins, netflix passwords... Are you subversively leaching off your ex?


 2018-09-25  5m

Taste of Georgetown

Tommy, Kelly and Jen hosted an epic eating competition at Taste of Georgetown on Sunday. 


 2018-09-24  3m

Marrying Your Best Friend

Are you really supposed to marry your best friend? Tommy, Kelly and Jen talk about what roles we should expect our significant others to fulfill.


 2018-09-24  7m