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      episode 117: Ep. 117 - OH MY GOD I DIDN'T WRITE DOWN A SINGLE TITLE

      Go watch Searching for Sugarman. We've got a really amazing looking amp from Supro, as well as a tamed down AC30 1x12!



      Pure Distraction from Tyler, Start to Finish

      Show notes available at!



      episode 115: Ep. 115 - Damn old fool, I knew you were going to say that

      Solo: A Star Wars Story spoilers inside! Watch out!


       2018-06-04  58m

      episode 114: Ep. 114 - The Very, Very Stinky Sanchez or Whatever...

      Some rad new 60th anniversary Jazzmasters, yet another weirdo (in the best way) pedal from Dr. No Effects, and some sweet dirt boxes from Pedal Genie!


       2018-05-21  1h7m

      episode 113: Ep. 113 - The Place Where The Human Meat Lives

      Pour one out for GIbson.


       2018-05-07  1h4m

      episode 112: Ep. 112 - It's A Little More Globular

      I don't really want my iPad on the floor, ya know?


       2018-04-23  1h13m

      episode 111: Ep. 111 - Pumpin' My Palm Mutes

      Not a lot of news this wee but we've got some stories for ya.


       2018-04-09  1h4m

      episode 110: Ep. 110 - Don't Start Believin'

      It's an episode of The Tone Control so that means we're talking about Gibson... but, it's actually kind of interesting this time.


       2018-03-26  1h9m

      episode 109: Ep. 109 - It Was Climatic, But Not Climactic

      It's Stratocaster week! Also we heard back from Sam over at about the security concerns, a great and then an oddball pedal from Pedal Genie, and just trying to live my life without being destroyed by snow.


       2018-03-12  1h7m

      episode 108: There's a little too much Gibson going on right now.

      Do you guys like curling? I like curling. I'll be honest, we kind of went off on Gibson this week. Hopefully Justin cut out some of that nonsense.


       2018-02-26  1h26m