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      Ep. 98 - Let's Simplify This... That Did Not Work.

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      Ep. 97 - HE'S BACK!



      Ep. 96 - Complete Butt Blood 



      Ep. 95 - Higher Fi? High Fier?



      Ep. 94 - New from Gibson! The “Aw, man” level of relicing!

      Ep. 94 - New from Gibson! The “Aw, man” level of relicing

      Fortin Amplification 33 Clean Boost (stab: Blackout Effectors Blunderbuss Fuzz)  

      Amp Designer Mike Fortin has teamed up with Meshuggah to make this

      20db, single knob, clean boost pedal. Not overdrive or distortion which keeps the natural vibe of your amp

      Additional input for channel switching lets you boost the distortion channel but not the cl...



      Ep. 93 - You Still Sitting On That Ball?

      Ep. 93 - You Still Sitting On That Ball?

      Fender Play (stab: Keeley 1962x)

      Online lessons provided by Fender

      Lessons are short, easy to follow, and the smartphone app helps you keep track of progress

      Teaches you guitar by helping you learn songs you already know

      High quality video from multiple angles

      Includes tips and tricks, support articles, maintenance advice, glossaries, etc

      Free 30 day trial, $19.99/mo after that. Cancel anytime....



      Ep. 92 - We Did Already Did It

      TC Electronic Pipeline Tap Tremolo (stab: Bogner Burnley Distortion)


      Tap tempo is hold for 2 seconds, then tap in the tempo like Boss pedals do

      Speed, depth, volume, and subdivision controls

      Subdivision has customizable setting. Sequence up to 4 bars of different divisions

      Mini toggle switch for vintage, square, or toneprint modes

      True or buffered bypass $129

      MPLS Guitars and...



      Ep. 91 - This just in: Anyone can play guitar!

      Emerson Electronics Blender Demo

      Neck, Neck blended w/bridge, Neck/Mid, Neck/mid blended w/bridge, Middle, Middle/Bridge, Middle/Bridge blended w/neck, Bridge, Bridge blended w/neck.

      TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 (stab: Blackout Effectors Blunderbuss Fuzz)

      Now features “Mash” footswitch, a pressure sensitive expression pedal built into the footswitch

      Mash does different things depending on the reverb setting

      Toneprint enabled, mash can control multiple pa...



      Ep. 90 - That's All

      Just a quick one. 

      Check out Riesenwolf here:



      Ep. 88 - I'm Going To Send You Fart Goblin

      Thanks to Jack Stolz from Too Late The Hero for joining us this week! 

      Check out Jack's Vlog on youtube!

      Earthquaker Devices Erupter Fuzz (stab: MS Holy Dove)

      Single knob fuzz pedal: Bias

      Adjusts the bias of NOS silicon transistors

      Has a center detent for the “perfect fuzz setting”

      At center, tone is huge, slight volume boost, tons of sustain

      Turn it down, it becomes more gated with lower output

      Turn it up, it becomes louder and “more ...