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The Tone Control is all about music, guitars, recording, and everything in between. Justin & Derek take you through the latest in music news, gear reviews, and most importantly, TONE! For an entire library of episodes and other cool stuff, head to

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episode 138: Ep. 138 - They Cut The Guitar Part Off


  • Podcast suggestion: Hit Parade (stab: Sea Foam)
  • New Guitar Day: Fender Special Edition Custom FMT Telecaster (stab: WA Descent)
    • Derek got it on scratch and dent at the local guitar shop! It’s awesome! 
  • Relish Guitars - (stab: Seymour Duncan 805)
    • If Elon Musk started making guitars, this would be it. 
    • These are extremely expensive but super futuristic guitars...



episode 137: Ep. 137 - $600?! R. Kelly Must Have Peed on it or Something


  • Righteous Tele update (stab: Red Witch Factotum)
  • Instagram questions (stab: Stone Deaf Warp Drive)
    • How many drives is too many? 
    • Channel bound fingerboards, yes or no? From Alex at coppersound 
    • Humbucker or single coil? From Ryan 
  • Played a ton of gigs recently, two of which with a band called Sleepspirit. They’re using Kemper rigs! Let’s talk about that...



episode 136: Ep. 136 - "Dongle" is the word you're looking for

  • J forgot something (stab: Earthquaker Rainbow machine)
  • Pick 5 pedals from one builder, what 5? (Stab: PitchGrinder)
  • Fractal Audio FM3 (Stab: SG Electroman)
    • Fractal amp and effect processing at $1000. 
    • 3 footswitches 
    • All the I/O 
  • Pedal Genie 
    • Strymon Deco https://www.strymon...


 2019-05-06  1h13m

episode 135: Ep. 135 - What I Can't Figure Out Is... Anything.

  • BEER OR GEAR?!?!?! (stab: Mr Black Dark Star Reverb)
  • (Special note: if you’re bored by this segment skip to 18:55 when we wrap it up)
  • Richter Double Guitar Strap (stab: MH Colossus Fuzz)
    • Matt Heafy of Trivium has released a strap that goes over both shoulders 
    • Ergonomics are important for career musicians, especially with heavy guitars
    • However, is there anything dorkier than this? 
  • Kentucky Hot Brown pedalboards (from...


 2019-04-22  1h6m

episode 134: Ep. 134 - What's A Podcast? I'm Eight.

They’re here! The Tone Jerks run a killer weekly podcast that we’re big fans of and we think you should check them out 

  • Give us a rundown on Jerk history...


 2019-04-08  1h33m

episode 134: BONUS EPISODE! The Tone Control on The Tone Jerks!



 2019-03-19  1h24m

Ep. 133 - Ours Has TWO Knobs

Show notes coming soon!


 2019-03-11  1h23m

episode 132: Ep. 132 - Kyle's Complaints with a K

To skip past our computer talk and get to the goods, skip to 10:19. 

  • Hit to hear Derek's new podcast! 
  • Questions from the components! (stab: OBNE Dark Star Reverb)
  • TC Electronic June-60 Chorus (stab: Bogner Uberschall)
    • Vintage chorus based on the Roland Juno 60
    • Bypass switch, mono/stereo slider, and two buttons for modes 
    • Y-cable for stereo 
    • Mode 1: slow, warm chorus...


 2019-02-25  1h18m

Ep. 131 - It's Such A Good Idea, It's Stupid

Ep. 131 - It's Such A Good Idea, It's StupidWe're on! Download the app and leave us a voicemail!  

  • Ernie Ball VP JR Tuner(stab: SD Warp Drive)
  • Tuner built right into your volume pedal! 
  • When heel down, tuner engages, but can be set to always on
  • Has a touch screen to change tuning options
  • 1-10 readout for volume level 
  • Input, output, tuner in, tuner thru? 
  • 9-18v, standard vp jr size and assembly...


 2019-02-11  1h17m

episode 130: Ep. 130 - It's A Rat With Robot Legs! It Can Learn Tricks!

Ep. 130 - It’s a Rat With Robot Legs! It Can Learn Tricks!

  • EarthQuaker Devices Swiss Things (stab: SG Electroman)
    • 2 Effects loops, with an a/b/y switcher, boost, tuner out, expression input… everything 
      • Loop 1: unbuffered. Ideal for distortions, overdrives, vintage pedals.
      • Loop 2: buffered, after loop 1. Ideal for modulation and time based stuff
    • Amps: This lets you run stereo in a A, B, or Both setup...


 2019-01-29  1h22m