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episode 150: Ep. 150 - Don't Give It Infinity Ohms

  • Coppersound Pedals Captain Hook Octave Fuzz and Boost (stab: Walrus Descent)
    • Octavia style fuzz with a boost built in
    • Features a JFET boost at the input stage of the fuzz to really slam it
    • Like the Foxcatcher, Coppersound’s Gravity Bomb boost is built in with a switchable order.
    • Runs on 9-18V
    • Controls for Volume, Bite, Fuzz, and Boost.
    • Limited to 70 units for Black Friday, so probably gone by the time you hear this...



episode 149: Ep. 149 - They Should Call This Color Ashtray Glass

  • Question from Doug Gann on Discord: “Phantom power! What the fuck is it? When do I use it? When do I not use it? How do I know? (stab: Aguilar Octamizer)
  • Small builder from Righteous Ryan - DEMEDASH EFFECTS (stab: Kilobyte Delay)
    • Made in Canada by Steve Demedash.
    • Steve currently makes 2 pedals: the T-120 Videotape Echo and the 112+ Drive Channel
    • T-120
      • Inspired by the garbled audio that comes from cruddy, worn out VHS tapes...



episode 148: Ep. 148 - They're Spamming The Chat With Butts!

  • Discord and Patreon!
Huge thanks to our Patrons! 
  • Steve Huffman
  • Righteous Ryan Johnson 
  • Nick Greenwood
  • Kyle McIntyre 
  • Jonas Sabatini
  • Eric Girabaldi 
  • Doug Gann
  • Doug Christ 
  • OG Friend of the show Brian Rizzi
  1. Listen to that new Jimmy Eat World record! (stab: Dirty LIttle Secret)
  2. Shot out and congratulations to The Tone Jerks on their 100th episode!...


 2019-11-04  1h12m

episode 147: Ep. 147 - Three Quick Clicks and Two Short Clicks

JOIN OUR DISCORD!BECOME A PATRON ON PATREON!BIG NEWS: The Tone Control has started a PATREON page! For $1 a month you get our undying love and thanks for helping to keep the show going. For $2 a month you can listen to us record the show LIVE on Discord. OH YEAH, WE'RE ON DISCORD. The Discord is free and open to all listeners of the podcast...


 2019-10-21  1h15m

episode 146: Ep. 146 - Get Your Buffers in Order

We're blasting through the questions from last time! 

  1. Cheap vs. Expensive pedals?
  2. Will the pedal craze die down soon? Has it already? Do we need more? 
  3. What popular piece of gear just didn't do the trick for you? 
  4. Offset Fender issues; mostly the bridge. Discuss...


 2019-10-07  1h16m

episode 145: Ep 145 - That Sweet, Sweet Charlie Brown Ass

  • Fender Certified Vintage Reverb shop (Stab: Fairfield Unpleasant Surprise)
    • These guitars are from Fender’s vintage vault and are reference guitars for custom shop builds and product lineups
    • 5 strats currently up for sale: ‘54 2-tone burst, ‘57 2-tone burst, ‘65 lake placid blue, ‘65 3-tone burst, ‘65 candy apple red...


 2019-09-23  1h13m

episode 144: Ep. 144 - It’s Like a Lightning Bolt Diddlin’ on a Pickup

  • Revv D20 (stab: Walrus Audio Descent)
    • All tube head with Two Notes reactive load and virtual cabs built in
    • 2 6V6, 1 12AX7, switchable from 20 down to 4 watts
    • Reactive Load automatically engages when speaker is not connected
    • Front panel: Gain w/ pull boost, 3 band EQ, volume, headphone out, 6 virtual cabs accessible on the front, or 128 via MIDI
    • Back panel: Built in FX loop, 4/8 Ohm cab out, ground lift, bias...


 2019-09-09  1h13m

episode 143: Ep. 143 - Either I Don’t Know, or Yes

  • Went to see friend-of-the-show Eric play at Pipedream Brewing!
  • TC Electronic Fashback 2 X4 Delay(stab: OBNE Haunt Fuzz)
    • Same form factor as before, but now has 3 MASH switches which are pressure sensitive...


 2019-08-26  1h15m

episode 142: Ep. 142 - With A Presence of Forethought That Is Nothing Short of A Miracle


  • Bodacious Brian’s big, big rigs and also sometimes little rigs too! (stab: RedWitch Empress)
    • Brian mentioned to me that we should do OUR OWN rigs for BBBBRAASLRT
  • Derek: Guitar of choice (leaning towards fender style bodies with Gibson style parts)...


 2019-08-12  1h19m

episode 141: Ep. 141 - The Worst of Both Words: Vibrating My Butt With Very Very Much Loudness


  • Crash! (stab:805)
  • Sold the amp! HX Stomp! Wahoo!  (stab: Apocalypse Fuzz on bass)
  • Righteous Tele! (stab: Wombtone)
    • Demo features all three pickups on a 50W Plexi
  • Reverb to be acquired by Etsy! (stab: KHDK Abyss)
  • Kemper Profiler Stage (stab: Longamp Time Machine)
    • Full blown Kemper Profiler in a floorboard format
    • Kemper head/rack require a foot switcher to change sounds, recall settings, etc
      THIS is a...


 2019-07-29  1h28m