The Tone Mob Podcast

The year was 2015. Show host Blake Wyland intended to start a podcast where he took a deep dive with his guests from the guitar world to explain their rigs. What happened was that, but also a whole lot more. The show quickly evolved into discussions about people's lives. Guitars, pedals, amps, etc. are the central hub of the show, but it really is more about the PEOPLE behind all of it. Both the musicians who use the gear, and the folks that create these magical tools of expression. You can expect chats about songwriting, favorite bands, family, loss, addiction, conspiracy theories, philosophy, and most of all....... food. This podcast goes all over the place. Come take a ride.

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episode 408: Musical Meditation w/ Mike Love

Mike Love shares his journey as a musician and how he got into live looping. He talks about the importance of being present and connected with the audience during performances. He also discusses the role of meditation in his music and how it helps him stay focused and centered. Michael emphasizes the power of music to bring people together and create a shared experience. In this conversation, Michael Love discusses the importance of physical, spiritual, and mental health in music...



episode 407: PHILLIP MCKNIGHT Part 2 (sort of)

Once in a while the Patrons of this podcast tell me that one of the bonus episodes NEEDS to be released publicly, and when Phil McKnight came on late last year that happened again! I received a bunch of messages telling me that this bonus episode should NOT be behind closed doors, and if the Patrons ask I need to deliver...



episode 406: Are Bass Players More Important? w/ Mr. Glyn of Mr. Glyn's Pickups

Are bass players actually more important than guitarists? Do we need to thin out our guitar sound? Do thru-hole pedals sound better than SMT based guitar effect technology? Can you play music using a saw blade? On this episode Blake and Mr Glyn discuss their current projects and collaborations. We also into the world of guitar pickups, exploring topics such as different core types, the impact of string materials on tone, and the importance of context in shaping a guitar's sound...



episode 405: Marcos Curiel of P.OD. (Yes, that P.O.D.)

I imagine that you have probably heard a song called Youth Of A Nation? Well Marcos definitely gets into the story around that song! We start off with a HEAVY dose of nostalgia with Blake telling the story of "P.O.D. on the Pepsi. box" and Marcos diving into some San Diego bands. Marcos discusses the music scene and the diverse range of genres that have emerged from the city...



episode 404: "Scared Myself Into Doing Music" w/ Jon Deiley of Northlane

In this conversation, Blake interviews Jon Deiley from Northlane about his journey in music. They discuss topics such as starting a band, the challenges of pursuing a career in music, and the evolution of their gear and recording techniques. Jon shares his experiences with different studios, amps, and effects pedals, highlighting the importance of finding the right sound for their music...



Is The Internet All Bad? w/ Matt of Mule Resophonic Guitars

In this conversation, Blake and Matt Eich discuss the growth of Mule Resonator Guitars and the development of the Mavis guitar. (The first wooden Mule guitar build!) We explore the importance of unique sounds and the balance between innovation and expression in instrument design. We also discuss the unique experience of building musical instruments and the emotional impact they have on people...


 April 15, 2024  1h5m

HE FINALLY DID IT! w/ David Greeves of Great Eastern FX

In this episode of the Tone Mob Podcast, host Blake Wyland interviews David Greeves from Great Eastern FX. David shares his background as a music journalist and how he fell into writing about equipment from the gear world. He also discusses his journey into pedal design and the challenges he faced along the way. The conversation covers the inspiration behind the name Great Eastern FX and the launch of the company...


 April 9, 2024  1h4m

episode 401: Rick Rubin Mindset w/ Markus Reeves of Reeves Electro

Markus Reeves from Reeves Electro returns to the podcast! On this episode we discuss how business has changed since he first started, and how his daughter is now building pedals full time as well! We also dig into some rather exciting new adventures that are happening with the progress of Reeves Electro Shop 2.0 on the horizon. Paypal whoas, and how he approaches his work with a "Rick Rubin" mindset, the big lightbulb moment, balance, bad gigs.....


 April 2, 2024  1h23m

episode 400: Teaching MILLIONS of People w/ Marty Schwartz

In this episode, Blake interviews Marty Schwartz, a renowned guitar teacher and one of the first music instructors on YouTube. Marty shares his journey of becoming a successful guitar teacher and the early adoption of YouTube for teaching guitar lessons. He discusses the impact of Guitar Hero on teaching classic rock songs and the benefits of video lessons for students. We also get into using YouTube to enhance private lessons, and the challenges he faced during the 2008 economic crash...


 March 25, 2024  1h18m

episode 499: Not An Alvarez! w/ Driftwood Guitars

In this conversation, Blake interviews Chris and Matt from Driftwood Guitars. This is an EXTREMELY YouTube driven episode. (Thanks Rhett Shull!) As the Driftwood Guitars channel has grown, so has the guitar building business and we talk about their approach, how to balance the guitar building side with the video side, negative troll comments, mental health, and a whole lot more! Head over to the Driftwood Guitars website HERE! And their YouTube HERE https://www...


 March 18, 2024  1h11m