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The year was 2015. Show host Blake Wyland intended to start a podcast where he took a deep dive with his guests from the guitar world to explain their rigs. What happened was that, but also a whole lot more. The show quickly evolved into discussions about people's lives. Guitars, pedals, amps, etc. are the central hub of the show, but it really is more about the PEOPLE behind all of it. Both the musicians who use the gear, and the folks that create these magical tools of expression. You can expect chats about songwriting, favorite bands, family, loss, addiction, conspiracy theories, philosophy, and most of all....... food. This podcast goes all over the place. Come take a ride.

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episode 315: PIZZA. PEDALS. PODCAST. w/ Scott's Pizza Tours

It was bound to happen eventually... I am very excited to welcome to the podcast Scott Wiener of Scott's Pizza Tours! In another life, Scott was a touring musician who had a breakthrough while sampling various famous pizzerias. These days, he is a world renowned pizza expert and the man behind the famous Scott's Pizza Tours in New York City...



episode 314: What Is A Guitar Pedal? w/ Addison from The JHS Show

On this week's episode, I am stoked to be talking to Addison Sauvan from JHS Pedals/The JHS Show! We had a brilliant chat about his career and how it has lead him to a spot on one of the most popular gear channels on YouTube. Addison is a great dude who is obsessed with all things music and also is the owner of a fantastic mustache. Check him out at least once a week on The JHS Show...



episode 313: Working For Free w/ Ian Martin Allison Main

Ian Martin Allison is a bassist. And not just any bassist, this dude is an absolute MONSTER on the instrument. Ever since he was first "forced" into the roll of commanding the low end, he developed a true passion for the instrument that is nearly impossible to match. Ian has performed countless times in a wide variety of situations, but as far as The Internet is concerned he is most closely associated with the widely acclaimed channel Scott's Bass Lessons...



episode 312: Know Your Worth w/ Corey Congilio

Welcome to today's episode! Today I'm talking to Corey Congilio. Corey has made his living as a professional guitarist for many years, and has done session work/toured with a ton of different artists. The dude has a ton of insight into making a living as a creative individual, and we talk very extensively about that very subject on this episode. Corey is extremely passionate about teaching guitar and has put together an excellent course that you can try out for FREE for 14 days...



episode 311: The Origin of Origin Effects w/ John Dines

Here we go! This week I have John Dines from Origin Effects on the show this week to discuss his musical history, how he got into messing with electronics, and the history of Origin Effects. Everything from Digitech Pod ripoffs, to high end tube amps. We run through his whole timeline and get deep into the weeds. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did...


 2022-08-29  1h13m

episode 310: Everything Is Pro-Wrestling w/ Exel

Is the whole entertainment industry kafabe? The rules are made up and the points don't matter? Maybe... On this episode I'm talking with Exel. The dude is a lifelong musician based in the big ole state of Texas. On this episode we follow his musical trajectory from getting his first guitar to having his music pumping through the American Airlines Stadium in front of 20,000 people. I love bringing people on who have taken a different path to making their living doing what they love...


 2022-08-22  1h14m

episode 309: How To Get Sponsored? w/ Alex Auxier (Origin Effects, Victory Amps, Stringjoy)

How do I get sponsored? How do I get FREE GEAR??? These are questions that I get fairly consistently and the short answer is that nothing is free. The long answer is at least partially contained in this podcast episode. Alex has a long history of working with brands and artists to help them help each other. He is managing the A&R program at Stringjoy, Victory Amps, Origin Effects and more. He's tremendously good at his job, and has a lot of insight into what these relationships look like...


 2022-08-15  1h2m

episode 308: Is It OK To Smash Guitars? w/ Kai West

What do Wendy O. Williams, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Pete Townshend, Mike McCready, and Blake Wyland have in common? We have all SMASHED GUITARS as part of a public performance. This polarizing practice is so deeply integrated into music culture, and yet it is so frowned upon by a large swath of the music community. Is it ok? Is it terrible? Is it wasteful? Is it excessive? I had Kai West on to dissect this issue a little bit further...


 2022-08-08  1h16m

episode 307: Shavo Odadjian of System Of A Down

It is officially one of those times again... System Of A Down are one of my biggest musical inspirations. Toxicity literally did not leave my Discman for about a year and a half. (Yes Discman. I said what I said.) The dudes at Ashdown Engineering hooked Shavo and I up while I was at Gearfest and we had an EPIC conversation. We dove into the new North Kingsley record, the grey areas of the world, his new solo record, and a whole lot more. This is definitely one of those "pinch me" moments...


 2022-08-01  37m

episode 306: Tweaking The Tone Of Your Life (Big KO Part 2)

Welcome "back" to the podcast my dude Kareem Denis, otherwise known as Big KO! When KO and I recorded several months ago, I knew that his Patron conversation was going to have to be public at some point. He made some very crucial points that I think someone may need to hear, so it is now officially out in the wild! If you would like access to the many, many hours of Patron exclusive conversations and help keep this show going then Patreon...


 2022-07-25  1h0m