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The year was 2015. Show host Blake Wyland intended to start a podcast where he took a deep dive with his guests from the guitar world to explain their rigs. What happened was that, but also a whole lot more. The show quickly evolved into discussions about people's lives. Guitars, pedals, amps, etc. are the central hub of the show, but it really is more about the PEOPLE behind all of it. Both the musicians who use the gear, and the folks that create these magical tools of expression. You can expect chats about songwriting, favorite bands, family, loss, addiction, conspiracy theories, philosophy, and most of all....... food. This podcast goes all over the place. Come take a ride.

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The Kauer of Love w/ Doug Kauer

Doug Kauer of Kauer is back!!!! It has been way way way overdue. I am super stoked to get Doug back on the show. On this one we talk about how his business has changed over the years, and how Kauer Guitars navigated the shutdowns, he offers his advice to those looking to do the same, I confess to the murder of o piece of Cardboard and a whole lot more! Check out his work at and on Instagram...



episode 271: Cooking Up Some Tone w/ Chef Brian Tsao

There is a first time for everything! Today I'm talking to Chef Brian Tsao about his career in the culinary industry, touring musically around China, the overlaps that the music industry has with the restaurant industry, his new band, his guitar rig and of course SANDWICH SUNDAYS. Make sure you check out his YouTube Channel , follow him on Instagram, and check out his band Loss Becomes! TEXT ME (503) 751-8577 Support the show and get extra episodes over at



episode 270: The Gear Business w/ Scott from Stringjoy

Starting a pedal (or any other kind of guitar gear) company this day and age can be a very daunting. Scott Marquart has taken on one of the most difficult product categories in the industry and has seen great success with that. Not only that, but he is my partner in practically every business endeavor outside of this podcast. He is a super sharp dude, and I thought he would be the perfect guest to have a more "business focused" episode...



episode 269: The Gristleman Arrives!!! (Greg Koch)

Greg Koch has been a force in the guitar world for decades. He has toured all over the world, made a whole variety of different albums, and is one of the original guitar "content creators". The dude is a wealth of knowledge, and just a fantastic conversationalist. This is a truly epic "part 2 but also part 1" podcast conversation. I think you will all really, really enjoy it. Check him out at his website HERE TEXT ME (503) 751-8577 Support the show and get extra episodes over at Patreon...



episode 268: Is Soundproofing Real? w/ Scott Hamilton

On this episode, we actually get some real knowledge dropped on us! Scott is an acoustic engineer and podcaster with a deep knowledge of how sound actually functions in the real world. We dive deep into some high level solutions for your average guitarist, or home recording enthusiast. I think you are really going to enjoy this episode. It is an absolute delight. Listen to his podcast HERE Hire him for your acoustic jobs HERE...


 2021-11-01  1h24m

episode 267: Physical Health, Mental Health, & Mixing (Kevin Dye of Gates)

This is a big one! Kevin Dye from Gates came on the podcast to discuss music creation, self employment, exercise, mental health, mixing and a whole lot more. We seriously went all over the place with this one, there is something for everyone on this one. Enjoy! Check out his band Gates TEXT ME (503) 751-8577 Support the show and get extra episodes over at You can also help out with your gear buying habits by purchasing stuff from Tonemob...


 2021-10-25  1h37m

episode 266: John Nolan of Taking Back Sunday

We have John from Taking Back Sunday on the show this week. We go over his musical back story briefly, along with his gear journey that he took along the way. We also talk about song writing approaches, studio vs road gear, digital vs tube amps, his views and advice for younger artists/bands, and a whole lot more. This is a very fun episode. I think you'll really enjoy it! You can follow John on Instagram HERE. TEXT ME (503) 751-8577 Support the show and get extra episodes over at Patreon...


 2021-10-18  1h3m

episode 265: Eruption: Conversations w/ Eddie Van Halen (Brad Tolinski & Chris Gill)

Brad Tolinski and Chris Gill have been in the guitar media world for decades. Through that, these fellas have had many, many epic conversations with some of the most influential guitarists to ever walk the planet. They had the opportunity to interview Eddie Van Halen multiple times, and the resulting 50+ hours of interviews were compiled into an epic tome called Eruption: Conversations With Eddie Van Halen...


 2021-10-11  1h25m


If you had told me when I started this podcast that I would be sitting down with Buzz Osborne to talk about guitar pedals I would have said you were crazy...


 2021-10-04  1h1m

episode 263: Tweaking the Klon? w/ John Snyder of Electronic Audio Experiments

Do magic diodes exist? Are bucket brigade chips analog? What is the deal with the clipping circuit in the Klon Centaur? John and I get into all of this and more on this very rad episode of the podcast. John Snyder is the main dude behind Electronic Audio Experiments and is responsible for some of the raddest pedals in recent memory. He first came on the podcast in 2017, and the story has only gotten more and more interesting since then...


 2021-09-27  1h7m