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Arsenal Trump Bob Bradley, Dortmund's Teens Do Things, and MLS Playoffs Looming

On the newest episode of The Total Soccer Show... 0:00 - Daryl gets afraid of Note Stealers 2:42 - Recapping Swansea's 3-2 defeat to Arsenal. What did Bob Bradley get right, what did he get wrong, and how can he fill that Ashley Williams-shaped hole...


 2016-10-17  51m

Bob Bradley's EPL debut, Liverpool v Man Utd very specific predictions, Julian Green to start for Bayern?

We preview Bob Bradley's Premier League debut, assessing his options as he prepares to send Swansea out to face Arsenal at the Emirates. At 13:30, we announce the winner of our FUTCHI Rebounder giveaway. If you didn't win the...


 2016-10-14  40m

Wayne Rooney for the USMNT, Americans in the Bundesliga, Hypothetical Changes to Soccer

On the newest episode of The Total Soccer Show... 0:00 - What would happen if Wayne Rooney were American? How would he be treated and where would he play? 10:19 - Is Klinsmann responsible for the number of Americans in the Bundesliga? 21:01...


 2016-10-13  51m

USA v New Zealand review, Hart heroics as England draw with Slovenia

We review the USMNT's 1-1 draw with New Zealand, which was attended by fewer than 10,000 people. We ask: why? We also try to figure out what was learned from this game. We also discuss England's 0-0 draw with Slovenia, achieved mostly via Joe Hart's...


 2016-10-12  57m