The Toy Department

The Toy Department features radio professionals Matt Kolsky and Derek Madden discussing, debating and dissecting all things sports, entertainment and pop culture. It's a free-wheeling, unfiltered chat about the lighter side of the modern world.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h5m. Bisher sind 216 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast

The Toy Department – Episode 198

In Episode 198, Derek Madden and Matt Kolsky address the reverb on Madden’s microphone before settling in to discuss: The return of Netflix’s Sex Education (2:00) and what a delight it continues to be in its second season… HBO’s new Armando Iannucci co...


 2020-01-23  54m

The Toy Department – Episode 197

In Episode 197, Derek Madden struggles to remember which host is which before properly identifying Matt Kolsky and jumping into: A conversation about Oscar nominees (1:40) where the Academy did well and where they’re screwing the pooch… The new Netflix...


 2020-01-17  42m

The Toy Department – Episode 196

In Episode 196, Derek Madden and Matt Kolsky are pressed for time (and Kolsky has a sick baby again) but they still manage to get through: The new film Parasite (2:50) and how director Bong Joon-ho told an incredibly engaging and meaningful story about...


 2020-01-10  49m

The Toy Department – Episode 195

In Episode 195, Derek Madden and Matt Kolsky return after an extended absence with some discussion of movies they’re NOT addressing before zeroing in on: The Netflix cartoon Tuca and Bertie (4:45) and Kolsky’s weird cartoon aversion issue… The new Netf...


 2020-01-04  1h2m

The Toy Department – Episode 194

In Episode 194, Derek Madden and Matt Kolsky went with a second straight Toy Department After Dark (and a day late), with focus on: The season (and potentially series) finale of Watchmen on HBO (3:25), and how its slow build to the end rewarded viewers...


 2019-12-20  1h25m

The Toy Department – Episode 193

In Episode 193, Derek Madden and Matt Kolsky deliver Toy Department After Dark (and a day late) and get into: The film Brittany Runs A Marathon on Amazon Prime (1:30) and what a surprisingly heartfelt and well-made film it turned out to be… The new fil...


 2019-12-13  1h8m

The Toy Department – Episode 192

In Episode 192, Derek Madden and Matt Kolsky suffer through various ailments to deliver an abbreviated episode focusing on: Martin Scorsese’s new Netflix film The Irishman (5:00) and the infuriatingly pretentious reaction from film critics and twitter ...


 2019-12-05  31m

The Toy Department – Episode 191

In Episode 191, Derek Madden teases a non-existent show drama before exposing the rather dull truth, then he and Matt Kolsky basically agree on: The new film Ford vs. Ferrari (2:10) and how it was somewhat unexceptional but the sort of film the guys wo...


 2019-11-21  1h3m

The Toy Department – Episode 190

In Episode 190, Derek Madden and Matt Kolsky are off to a late start, so waste no time getting into: Kolsky’s investment in Disney+ (1:00) and how he feels about it, with plans to get Madden involved for next week… The new Taika Waititi film Jojo Rabbi...


 2019-11-14  56m

The Toy Department – Episode 189

In Episode 189, Derek Madden and Matt Kolsky briefly discuss Tiffany Haddish’s Netflix offering They Ready before settling in for: The new Edward Norton film Motherless Brooklyn (3:00) and whether it is too complicated for its own good… The return of T...


 2019-11-07  1h10m